Reasons Twilight Sparkle is Better Than Rainbow Dash

I dedicate this to topten user MLPFan because she hates Dash as well and loves Twilight Sparkle

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1 Twilight is a better role model

Oh sure! Twilight treats poor Spike like a slave! Great role model, right!

Yeah, Rainbow Dash brags too much and thinks she is awesome for doing a lame exploding rainbow.

Twilight is sensible and mature but Rainbow Dash is a stupid crybaby - TwilightKitsune

@ the person who said she treats Spike like a “slave” : what are you talking about? Do you even watch the show? She treats him like an assistant/best friend/little brother. I don't know what you’re on to come up with that inane idea

2 There is no reason to hate Twilight but many to hate Dash

Well I mean why would the show make one of the mane six characters mean but remember the mean six,i think queen chrysalis teleported rainbow dash there cause either way rainbow dash is like that I don't know why I even liked dash I should have liked pinkie pie or applejack which one?

Well, there are reasons to hate Twilight, but RD has more reasons to be hated. I like both, though. - RoseWeasley

Whoever made this list thank you go show this to Top ten resons why rd is better than twi they need to pay

Why hate a character that is smart, powerful and can take on almost anything and not hate a fast blue Pegasus that treats her friends like rubbish

3 Twilight is kind to her friends

Rainbow Dash made fluttershy cry and was ungrateful to rarity and mean to applejack and is even worse than diamond tiara - TwilightKitsune

I agree that Twilight is better - bobbythebrony

Also how she runs away from pinkie pie when she wants to talk to her. Also how she puts AJ bed outside in the pigpen that's just so mean that's not a prank if she's the only one laughing

4 Twilight is smarter than her

If rainbow and twilight clash at one another, twilight would have the advantage in intelligence and in brute power due to her magic and studying and it would end in one of those batman vs superman brawls were the smarter one will always find ways to take down their foe.

Twilight can react smartly to a situation but Dash will just explode - TwilightKitsune

Out of curiosity, who is smarter is it Twilight, Iron man, Batman or Hank Pym
Just wondering. In my opinion, Tony is the smartest of them all in this brain brawl!

5 Twilight can sing better

Rainbow Dash can't sing at all, even nicki minaj and iggy azalea are better. As awesome as I wanna be is the worst and most annoying song ever, it makes baby by Justin Bieber look like a masterpiece.

She is the best singer after all

I love Rebecca Shoichet's voice in the movies she is great. Ashleigh Bell is not a good singer no offense I really like you Ashleigh - TwilightKitsune

6 Twilight is an original character

Dash is a ripoff of Buttercup and is based off firefly - TwilightKitsune

Twilight Kitsune, I think you should make Top Ten Reasons Why Buttercup Is Better Than Rainbow Dash if you want to. Just giving you an idea for your new list. Plus your one of the best and my favorite top tenner.

You can see it G1 Twilight it was original charachter. - David39

This is so true there no charecter like twi shes so cool Rainbow Dash is just a bad rip off of Buttercup

7 Twilight is not a bully

In like every episode Rainbow Dash is rude in someway, but like she's a tomboy, but it still doesn't mean that she has to be rude. Like it's such a stereotype! This is why Mlp is dead because of all of the bronies who defend her for her actions.

Rainbow Dash is a bully to Fluttershy and treats her like a doormat and see the crystal empire part two if you want evidence - TwilightKitsune

8 She saved Cadence and Shining Armour's wedding

Even though no one beleived her she loyally went on for her brother. - TwilightKitsune

9 Rainbow Dash made Fluttershy cry

I agree with the visitor. I like RD but not some of the things she did. - RoseWeasley

To be fair all of the mane six ( I repeat all have made at least one other character cry, so yeah)

Fluttershy shy made Rainbow Dash cry too

How dare she make fluttershy (best pony) cry! TS is 10 times better

10 Let Spike take the crystal heart

Twilight let Spike get a chance to enjoy how being a hero is. And As for Rainbow Dash, to be honest, She wouldn't let anyone else get a chance to enjoy the popularity because she always get the attention. - MLPFan

It should have been her but she cared about the crystal empire more than herself - TwilightKitsune

Twilight let spike take the heart so he could try to do something for once but rainbow dash would have done it herself so she could be the hero.

Ik why rainbow dash would probably not let spike get the heart because she wants attention she hates being alone look it up she just doesn't like being alone and to be quit honest I hate it too so guys rainbow dash isn't as bad as u think she just wants to have fun and not be alone I mean who wouldn't and u know what idc what people say about rd and her Fans I’ll keep loving her no matter what I'm A MINI RAINBOW DASH LOL

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11 She is more of a badass

Which one?

She was really badass when she was fighting Princess Luna. - TwilightKitsune

She's so badass Rainbow dash could never beat her in a fight and I'm saying even without her magic she could kick dashs ass

Then why does she keep getting rekt by Starlight Glimmer?

12 Twilight is prettier

I do think that Twilight is prettier, but I don't think that that makes her a better pony. It's someone's personality that makes them better. I don't personally have a preference between the two. - Twivinesparkle

Twilight is cute and pretty and rainbow is ugly

No! Ugly poop!

13 Twilight is an Alicorn


So it doesn't mean twilight is better

14 Twilight is not selfish or arrogant

TwilightKitsune can you make a list of why Lisa Simpson is better than Rainbow dash? -CuteGirl2009 would be my name

Twilight wanted all her friends to go to the grand galloping Gala and even thought of forfeiting her own ticket. - TwilightKitsune

Rainbow Dash is so arrogant just check out her song as awesome as I wanna be, it is the worst song ever and the lyrics are meaningful.

Rainbow Dash's biggest fault.

15 Rainbow Dash harassed Granny Smith
16 Twilight defeated Tirek

All the mane 6 defeated Tirek. Including Rainbow Dash.

She's awesome Rainbow would get her butt kicked against tirek even WITH all the alicorn magic

17 Twilight doesn't hurt other's feelings

She's my faverate character but she hurted Moondincer's feelings she even ruined 2 years of her life! but she apologize and that what I loved. - Arah2004

18 Twilight represents her element better

Rainbow Dash almost never shows loyalty!

19 Rainbow Dash called her an egghead

It's just a playful nickname.

Yeah if I was her I would have lost it and told her to act her age and sent her off but Twilight held it in. - TwilightKitsune

If I was there I would have best the crap out of Rainbow for doing that

This is just another reason why I want rainbow was to be kicked by twi

20 Twilight is a better developed character
21 Twilight's fanbase isn't as annoying as Rainbow Dash's

Well most RD fans are mean and idiots, they mostly sent deaths threat to them... - David39

Yes finnally who agrees Rainbow Dash has a cancerous fandom

Seriously, RiverClanRocks(a TopTenner here) and YumSoda(a famous pony YouTuber) are the only nice RD fans. Every other RD fan are very mean bullies to others and they hate anyone who hates Rainbow Dash. They even made MLP Fanfics and they made a Dash Hater's(by the way, the one being mean is them. The Dash hater just wanted to share her opinion) OC as the bad girl who always bullies Rainbow and their OC. It's annoying and they really need to learn that everyone has a chance to share their opinion If they like It or not. - MLPFan

22 Twilight is cuter


In Equestria and the human world she makes the most kawai faces she's app much cuter than the rest of the main 6 Including fluttershy

23 Rainbow dash is mean to scotaloo

Yes it's kinda true because when she fell of the waterfall and rainbow saved her she screamed at her saying "WHAT DO U THIINK YOUR DOING OUT HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! " I MEAN SHUSH AND LET SCOOTALOO EXPLAIN don't YELL!

24 Twilight shows that she cares about her friends

@Person that said, "Who agrees? ", I do.-AnimeGirl

Who agrees?

25 Twilight saved Sunset Shimmer

So did dash in friendship games.

26 Twilight is better with foals
27 Twilight is gentle to anyone nice
28 When Rainbow Dash loses something, she whines

So true.-Tombyish 107 Guys Tomboyish 107 is leaving the top tens but don't worry, I'm now known as AnimeGirl.-AnimeGirl

29 Rainbow dash slapped applejack
30 Rainbow Dash is Such a Brager
31 Rainbow is a bragger
32 Rainbow Dash Thinks Shes the Best
33 Rainbow Dash touches other people's stuff without asking!
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