Top Ten Reasons Users Should Stop Deleting Their Accounts

The Top Ten Reasons Users Should Stop Deleting Their Accounts

1 A bunch of random comments and lists are leftover and nobody knows they're yours

That’s what I was thinking - DrayTopTens

The creator of this list deleted their account - iliekpiez

This is exactly why I’m never deleting my account. - Powerfulgirl10

2 It makes you look like an attention seeker

How does this make you look like an attention seeker in any way?

3 Then they come back with another account
4 It's annoying

And retiring is getting annoying too. - ihatepiez

Well, your not wrong about that. - Gehenna

Yeah it's annoying that everyone is randomly deleting their accounts

5 Reputation is Tarnished
6 It hurts another user
7 Too many people are doing it

Floral, lovefrombadlands, ArielleBelle, camisFrog, GreyRose, the list goes on. At least some of them came back with new accounts. - allamassal

8 People are deleting their accounts for dumb reasons
9 They're usually bad users who want attention
10 When you click on the profile the error 404 page comes up

That would especially be a shock if you didn't know their account was deleted. - allamassal

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11 People get confused when you come back as someone else

When Lia first came back, I thought her new account was actually someone else. - allamassal

12 It's far worse than retiring
13 It's too cruel
14 All of your remixes will get removed
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