Top Ten Reasons Victoria Justice Is Better Than Ariana Grande

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1 She doesn't need make-up to be pretty

If you search "Ariana Grande with no-makeup" in Google, you will only see her makeup-free when she is in her teenage years. If you do the same for Victoria Justice, you will see many beautiful pictures of her without makeup. Now, I read a quote on Tumblr saying that a confident girl doesn't show off her naked body, but shows off her naked face. In this instance, I couldn't agree more.

I preferred AG when she was an actor pheromone singing isn't that good but break free is Great. I have no idea who VJ is

Yet she wears it anyway

I like Ariana grande

2 She's a better actress

The reason why Victoria is not as big as Ariana is because she has put more effort into the acting industry rather than the music industry. And let me tell you that the acting industry is a lot harder to become well-know in. Victoria is still trying and she will soon get there, I guarantee you.

I hate iCarly. As well as that show is weak and boring, the voice acting is annoying (except for Jeanette McCurdy as Sam Puckett), especially Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine!

She's really not I don't even know why anyone would cast her in the show

Victoria Justice is WAY better at acting

3 She's friendly and nice to everyone

She is the stupidest singer and she always does stupid high tones like a cow! She copied Liz gillies- you don't know me and that's where she got the name "you don't know me" COPYCAT! She insulted Victoria justice and Victoria never insulted ari.

She is not nice.She insulted Ariana! If it wasn't her then why Nickelodeon didn't work with her from when Victorious finished because of her?!

Ariana Grande is mean and very annoying and she even wants her fans to die.

Ariana Grande is not nice at all, why do you think all her co-stars hate her?

4 She has a better sense of style

Victoria justice can be the best in rocking clothes! Ariana is good but she is not the best because she keeps on wearing pink (TOO GIRLY! ). Victoria wears colorful clothes and little ariana don't!

I just have one question why do you guys have to lie so much it is not true and I am not a mean person but I am really beautiful and kind

Victoria can rock any look. All Ariana can do is girly. She can't be casual without going full athletic.

Victoria's style definitely ROCKS! Ariana is just girly and boring. I prefer urban, rocky and ahletic style than girly style

Sure... at least Ariana is 100 times better at making trendy music and is racking up the men.

5 She has creative songs

Yeah, right! All Victoria's songs either came from Nick or are covers. The only song that SHE ACTUALLY wrote was 'Gold' which barely made it to the mainstream.

Ariana has better songs than Victoria.
Almost is never enough, Tattooed heart, Daydreaming, Why try, Just a little bit of your heart, My everything, No tears left to cry, Breathin, etc

Please! She didn't write those songs and then my best friend's brother's song doesn't have any meanings and it sucks!

Excuse me? Ever heard of My Evertyhing, Why Try, You don't know me? Way more creative than Gold and girl up.

6 She is a more talented singer

Please,I can't believe that even one person in the world believes that Victoria is more talented than Ari! I just CAN'T!

Yes and Pink Champagne, those are the most uncreative and boring songs I ever heard.

Just because they made Victoria a better actor at victorious does mean she is

Biggest joke of the century
Ariana is so much more talented than Victoria

7 She doesn't care what other people think of her

Actually,she does.It's Ariana who doesn't care.She even said in an interview.

I bet she does care what people think lie lie lie grow up people please and do not hate on Ariana please follow me on Twitter

8 She doesn't say mean things about other people that aren't even true

Yes she does!

9 She doesn't try to be something she's not

Many celebrities out there are fake and smile just for the camera. The best thing about Victoria Justice is that she is always smiling and laughing with others behind the camera. You can tell that she is true to herself and there is so much more happiness from her behind the camera

Ariana thinks she's sexy, but I find her pout deeply awkward and disturbing. Victoria has a genuine smile.

I don't even know what this means

10 She has a good attitude

How do you know you've never met her


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11 She has a prettier smile

Her smiles are fake and uglier that Miley Cyrus's smiles.(No offense,I love Miley)

Um Miley? Ew, V is way prettier in my opinion

12 Victoria has a simple and sweet nature

Be humble sit down Ariana Grande in fact Ariana Grande should quit making music and acting VJ is nicer and talented and dress very pretty and she doesn't wear these nude clothes lik Ariana does Ariana just want to look sexy and make money all she cares about money and not her fans Ik the saying about "Don't change who u are" or Don't judge a book by its cover" (Goes for girls and boys about that saying) but Ariana should change who she is she should change her to a nice loving girl who loves her fans and doesn't care about money and all that stuff and she shouldn't wear her undewear on her covers but I really think it wouldn't work so she should quit being a actress and a artist of music cause it just not working out for her and I would tell this to her face if I could so AG fans should stop liking her cause she is just full of herself and if your wondering why Victoriaious was canceled it was Ariana grande -itzCardi

Victoria is so humble and so grateful for all of her fans and all of the support she is given. She doesn't ever say anything horrible to her fans and is always showing them her love and giving them time.

Victoria has simple and sweet nature but Ariana Grande she thinks that she is diva and she is always So Overconfidence! In her self!

Being overconfidence is good! And she's not simple and sweet nature! She just want to use from boys and break their hearts.

13 She's actually strong

Oh Yeah! Really strong that if you say something to her she gets mad!

Victoria Justice is a very strong person.

When did she beat you

14 Her songs aren't about sex

That is a bad word to say

And I don't care

15 She doesn't lick donuts that weren't purchased

On that day, Ariana had a tooth surgery, She got High by medicines and she also said sorry for that.

Hey look, Victoria is a classy nice person. Take notes Ariana

Maby Ariana was drunk.Everybody an make mistakes

16 Victoria Justice Is Smart
17 She's sexy

Whatever and grow up babies

Which part of her is sexy?!

18 She doesn't have a relation with Big Sean

Ariana Grande & Big Sean's relations make the relations of Kim K and Kanye West look at least a little flexible...

Who the hell is big Sean sorry but really

Well,Big Sean didn't know what he lose!

19 She's actually pretty

Victoria is so much prettier, she's naturally gorgeous and dodnt have to use tons of makeup like ariana

Really keep telling yourself that day and night

No she's not!

20 Victoria is amazing

By the way if your thinkin that most of her songs are about sex your wrong she didn't write those songs whereas Ari did so that's why I hate Ari

21 Victoria Justice is talented

VJ is so talented and Ariana Grande is a nude person and she wears her undewear on her covers like who does that VJ doesn't

U know why VJ is talented? Cause she doesn't make nasty videos like AG does VJ is nice and she doesn't need make-up to be pretty She's friendly she's a better actress she has a better sense of style she is a more talented singer she doesn't say mean things about other people that aren't even true she has creative songs she doesn't try o be something she's not she doesn't care what other people think of her she has a good attitude she has a prettier smile Ik I was off topic but it's true

22 She is grateful for all of her fans

Trust me, I love Ariana Grande and I understand that everyone makes mistakes. But telling your fans to "f*** off and die" is horrible. Victoria always is grateful for all of the fans that she has even if her fan number is a lot smaller than Ariana's. Because Ariana is really famous, people have forgiven and forgotten, but if Victoria made the same mistake, everyone would hate her for it. It's about time we start treating people the same no matter how many fans they have and how big they are 💘

23 Victoria Justice has charisma and a good personality
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