Top 10 Reasons Video Games Are Good for You

Never played video games, but considering it? Here are some fantastic reasons why you SHOULD play video games.
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Relieves Stress

After a very stressful day, I sink down in my bed, turn my PS3 on, grab my controller, and play for an hour or two. Afterwards, I feel much more relaxed and happy.

This is very true. My dog died a little while back, so I played ARK: Survival Evolved made me feel better.

Me to so much less stress exept online bullying of course

It really does help relief me.

Improves Reflexes

It's no secret that playing video games help improve you reflexes. So if you play a sport, like football, or basketball, playing video games can help you. Just don't play too much though. The you'll just become fat.

It is a Good Way to Get New Friends

If you have problems getting friends, playing online provides you with the opportunity to make friends from all across the world.

If your a loner

Yes very true

Exercises Your Creativity

I play video games for the same reason some people read books: you can become more creative. While reading, you not only become wiser, but you also have more creativity. The same thing applies to video games. There are many people who create theories and etc. for video games.

Help You Become More Intelligent

While playing video games, you gain the ability to think quickly as the game proceeds. For most video games, you must always think of s strategy before rushing and doing something that you might regret.

You can create your own world of things that you like

More video games = smarter you are

Teaches Historical Facts

Some games, especially the shooters, are based in historical times, and while some things are changed, most remain the same, so you might improve in History.

You mean Assassin's Creed, which takes place in the French Revolution?

I love shooting video games and I agree

Like assassin's creed.

You Can Apply Video Games to Real Life Situations

For instance, I play this online game Goodgame Empire. It is bases in Medieval times. You have your own castle, army, etc. , and you can join alliances. Alliances can go to war with each other, so while playing the game, you are learning how to avoid/cause war, and ways to win them. Also a guy made an excellent video on World of Warcraft, where he said that playing the game will help you understand the economy better. You can check out the video yourself. His YouTube username is TheGameTheorists. He also made lots of other great videos as well.

Best example yet

Improves Eyesight

Most people say that it will ruin your eyesight, but this is no true. That is only true if you have all of the lights out. if you have the light on, and take regular breaks from playing, your eyesight might actually improve while playing video games!

Your eyes improve because when your playing you get focused on the game and you just look at it. Sometimes you might think real life is a video game and sometimes that's good.-Crythekiller21

I have to agree to this comment because every single person says it is bad for you eyes. Thanks for something to tell my mom.

Pending on you're brightness if you turn it down little by little it wil eventually get better

Promotes Teamwork

Capture flag takes teamwork or search and destroy it takes teamwork and plan out with you team

In some games, you have to team up to win, so you practice good teamwork.

Video games are a great way to play online and connect with others.

You can do team work games can help make

Improves Attention Span

In some games, you might have to do a tedious task over, and over again, such as constantly fighting and failing a boss battle. But after a long time of playing video games, it will barely bother you.

Yes video games have helped me improve my attention span in school which is surprising really

And those "Watch Closely" Puzzles.

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Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

I had that same experience when I played them. now I am good at juggling too. intially when I couldn't now I could

Promotes Strategic Thinking

When in a stealth game you have to plan out what route you will take and if you fail you have to map out a new route. It's all about trail and error.

When there is a hard level that you can't beat, you have to think of a new way to beat the level

Exercises Your Fingers

Workout for your fingers WFYF

Develops Reading Skills
Keep You Entertained

IF they are fun it boosts your moral and makes you not as depressed if you are depressed.

Sounds pretty lit

Improves Muscle Memory

In geometry dash you have to go through a whole level on a whim that you will win but you fail many times, but after a while you will remember it without even looking on some parts of the level.

Helps Family
Makes Learning Fun

Yeah it does

Teaches You Life Skills

Pretend surgery games have made kids better at surgery than experienced plastic surgeons.

Teach Morals and Lessons
Improves Memory

When your playing a game you do bad and fail but after trying so hard you do good and never fail again.-Crythekiller21


Playing games like Minecraft or undertale can calm you down it allways works.

Slows Aging
Can Get You to Exercise
Improves Geometry Skills
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