Top Ten Reasons Violent Video Games Are Awesome

I love violent video games. It's made me violent, but I don't care.

The Top Ten

1 They're Fun

Grand Theft Auto is fun because you get to kill innocent little pedestrians that did nothing to you, and you don't even go to jail for doing that.

Yeah I love going around murdering people. - bobbythebrony

I agree! For example: Hotline Miami. - Delgia2k

The more violence, the more fun! - Therandom

2 It Takes Your Mind Off of Things

Sometimes it's nice to kill your angers away by killin' a few aliens or zombies, just because... - Turkeyasylum

For me it does. - Therandom

I know, right? Love Violent games. - PizzaGuy

3 They Make You Calm When You're Angry

Instead of killing a person in real life because you're angry, just kill bots!

4 They Take Away Stress
5 Violent Games Usually Have Awesome Gameplay
6 Violent Games Are Among the Highest Rated Franchises
7 Violent Games Usually Have Better Stories

They're more deep, such as mass effect. - Therandom

8 They're Not Aimed for Children

Yo, me, the ass man is manly enough to do that, since we're all not little children!

Which means no restriction! - Therandom

9 They're Badass
10 They're Awesome

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11 You Can Hear the Scream of Sorrow of the Enemy
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