Top Ten Reasons to Vote Republican in 2018

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1 The left has gone way too far

You mean the right has gone way too fair: support White Nationalism, inciting riots, sending in fake protesters, and actively demonizing the left all to attempt to maintain power and get more money from big businesses in favor of policies that would help these businesses - germshep24

The left also has gone too far - Black Nationalism, sending in idiotic protesters, and demonizing the right. - Maddox121

This is the why political lists suck. It causes drama and controversy. - MrCoolC

Attack and kill all repulbicans immedaitely

"Too far" is harassment, threats of violence, actual violence, riots, arson and generally lunatic speech and behavior. All on public display.

All the things that the Republican party has been doing since Trump was elected - germshep24

2 The left is demanding socialism

There is nothing wrong with this, the left wants the hard working Americans to be paid more, have basic safety laws, and health care for it's employees, whereas the right wants to protect big business from safety laws, paying out basic health care to their employees and lower the amount of money paid to employees. The right only wants the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer - germshep24

And what's the problem with that? Socialism has its own benefits such as a robust social welfare, stronger healthcare, fair wages, reduces economic inequality among the populace, and decreases unemployment. - Bolshoy_Brat

@2storm And what are you trying to insinuate? I think you're confusing collectively-managed socialism with state-collectivized barrack communism, buddy. - Bolshoy_Brat

3 The left is trying to disarm the American people, leaving them defenseless against possible government tyranny

They want to take away our guns so we will be defenceless when they make their communist dictatorship. - crazycat99

Americans greatly reveres freedom and has one of the strongest traditions of democracy I've ever seen. Coming from a pro-gun leftist, I think they only need to impose mental health check on gun-owners. - Bolshoy_Brat

The second amendment wasn't a right for civilians to bear arms it is the right for the militia to have guns to protect its people, the NRA wanted to sell more guns and rifles and petitioned the government in a way that would favor them. - germshep24

Guns are not the only tool for self-defense! If it weren't for the dumb gun laws the republicans have then the republicans might have been better than the democrats. But now, both are equally decent, the democrats aren't better and vice versa in my opinion - darthvadern

4 Democratic senators are justifying attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters

The leftists need 2 stop demonizing the other party because it exists 4 a damn good reason. - Nonpointed

The republican party needs to stop demonizing the democratic party and causing irrational fear and irrationality among the people - germshep24

5 The left demands open borders

No the left doesn't demand open borders they want fair borders, not a never let immigrants in because they are a different color than me and that scares me - germshep24

Hypocrite, you mean also letting Conservative white people, because Fair Borders also includes those. - Maddox121

To let murderers, rapists, and sex predators in. Don’t we already have enough crime as it is? - PackFan2005

6 The left has become a violent group of radicals

I think your confusing the left with the right, the left is just trying to protest where as the right radicals come in attacking them for wanting to have a voice - germshep24

I think you're confusing the left with SJWs and Antifas in which the former is just spewing harmless drivel while the latter are just a band of wannabe CNT-FAI revolutionaries. - Bolshoy_Brat

SJW's and Antifa don't represent all leftists.I'm left leaning and I hate SJW's and Antifa. - DarkBoi-X

7 Social media is censoring conservatives

Social media is censoring both parties that are spotting out propaganda - germshep24

8 The economy is booming with Trump as president and Republicans controlling the House and Senate

The economy has been stronger since Obama's late presidency in national growth and unemployment except when it comes to federal debt. Trump can't take credit for that, lmao. - Bolshoy_Brat

You do understand that the reason it is booming is because of Obama right, you will not see the results of Trump's Presidency had until after his 4 years are over, no policy can affect the economy immediately, the only thing from Trump you can see right now is the results of his immigrant policy - germshep24

9 The left uses the victim card to turn minorities against authorities

Authorities are trying to PROTECT minorities - Maddox121

10 They will create a war on men

Run-of-the-mill strawman and paranoia. - Bolshoy_Brat

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11 The left claimed Brett Kavanaugh guilty without proof

They did not claim Brett guilty the claimed that the allegations against him should be looked into before we give him a Supreme Court chair, which he will seat on until he retires, the Republicans did not care whether he was guilty they were planning to swear him in, even though they had like 10 other Republicans the could have been chosen that were better qualified - germshep24

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

12 The Republican party is self serving, stuck in the past and as selfish and self serving as possible.
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