Reasons Waluigi is Better Than Wario


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1 Waluigi has better smash attacks

Wario is Playable in Smash Bros. Not Waluigi - ToadF1

He's another Wario - ParkerFang

Yeah, he's my main.


2 Waluigi is faster

Daisy is faster just look at her stats in Mario and Sonic series - ParkerFang

3 Purple is better than yellow

Wario's yellow suit his awful, his WarioWare suit is great. - AlphaQ

Are you kidding me? - DCfnaf

"Yellow is ugly." - Patrick Star

Well I still prefer Wario, Daisy, Toad, Rosalina, Peach, Wendy, Mario, Luigi, PGP, Babies over Waluigi - ParkerFang

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4 Waluigi isn't a stupid character like Wario

So Wario? Stupid? No, Waluigi is Stupid - ToadF1

Wario who? Oh the ugly, uncultured Mario.

Waluigi is great - WendyIsQueen

Oh ew Waluigi is super hideous.

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5 Waluigi has a better girlfriend

Waluigi doesn't have a girlfriend! This list is ridiculous! - DCfnaf

Rosalina shouldn't be with Purple Waluigi - yunafreya648

Both Waluigi and Wario are virgin what. - AlphaQ

Ew Waluigi and Rosalina are an awful ship - ParkerFang

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6 Waluigi isn't fat

Waluigi is so skinny and lanky and malnourished and deformed. How long did he starve himself? - Randomator

But Waluigi looks like he hasn't eaten for weeks - ToadF1

But he's too skinny bleh - ParkerFang

Truth - WendyIsQueen

7 He is the first character to have a pinball track

I can sort of agree, but most of the Reasons are Stupid - ToadF1

So? Wario has way better Mario kart tracks - Randomator

hell yeah

That sucked - ParkerFang

8 Waluigi does great at being an enemy

Being filler yeah - yunafreya648

I think you meant filler - Randomator

9 Waluigi actually has personality, Wario is just obese homeless Mario.

What personality? Oh yeah that's right he doesn't have any. Waluigi is just lanky malnourished and deformed Luigi - Randomator

Hmm I don't think so. His personality is like Wario's and Wario came first so he's basically a clone of Wario - ParkerFang

Nope, Waluigi is just basic tier clone of Luigi - ToadF1

10 Waluigi is filler, Wario isn't

Wario> Waluigi FACTS - Randomator

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11 Waluigi actually tries to fight, Wario doesn't

Wario is actually a boss fight. Waluigi serves no purpose! - DCfnaf

Play Super Mario Land 2 so you can Know that Wario is the Final Boss in that Game - ToadF1

I think it's the other way around - Randomator

12 Waluigi doesn't fart

Lol! Who added this? - RockStarr

Farts are great you do of. - AlphaQ

Doesn't everyone? - ParkerFang

That's Obvious - ToadF1

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13 Waluigi did better with a different character in Mario Kart Double Dash

Daisy > Waluigi

Actually Daisy did better - ParkerFang

14 Waluigi is a better dancer

He dances like a stripper - yunafreya648

Lol his body isn't decent. He's anorexic. He dances like a stripper

15 Wario has a good fanbase Waluigi doesn't
16 Waluigi is an idiot Wario isn't
17 Waluigi has funnier catchphrases
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1. Wario sucks, Waluigi doesn't 
2. Waluigi isn't a stupid character like Wario
3. Waluigi isn't fat
1. Waluigi has better smash attacks
2. Waluigi is faster
3. Waluigi has a better girlfriend

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