Top Ten Reasons Waluigi is Not a Loser


The Top Ten

1 The "L" on his hat is upside down

That could mean the opposite of Loser - RB-Number1-fan

2 He will never surrender
3 He's a true Casanova
4 Everyone tries to copy his style

Do you ever wonder why both Mario and Luigi have Waluigi costumes in Smash? - RB-Number1-fan

I'm laughing too hard. I think he copies everyone - ParkerFang

How - yunafreya648

Yeah sure..sure smh - ParkerFang

5 He can control the Water Element

Oh Really? - ToadF1

6 He's all about teamwork
7 He has so much swag

Daisy? - ParkerFang

8 He's a fighter

No, Wario is - ToadF1

Daisy? - ParkerFang

9 He created an Amazing Track

I'm talking about Waluigi Pinball just in case you're wondering - RB-Number1-fan

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10 He accepts defeat and doesn't fight back

When? - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 He's not a Mary Sue like Rosalina

But he's a Gary Stu Filler ha! - ParkerFang


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