Top Ten Reasons That Warriors Is Better Than Harry Potter

It took me a very long time to think up who to compare Warriors to.

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1 The deaths are sadder

Doubt that! They're even for me! Sadder deaths? I cried for Sirius but not for warriors! - Catsarah123

I was so sad when I read Yellowfang's death I just started crying at school. I think it was sadder because IT'S AN OLD FLUFFY CAT! NOT A HUMAN! A CAT!

Everyone cries. I hear lots of stories of people reding a death and then they freak out - AnonymousChick

Have you ever seen Warriors in front of every bookshop? Because Harry Potter is very popular and is a bestselling book so it comes out in front. - Cyclne

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2 Cats are awesome

That's not a reason. Cats are a beautiful creature, but it's not a reason of speech for an argument. - Swellow

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3 They don't have the same main character

I don't want to hear about the same persons opinion over and over. I want to know what other characters think.

Well, except that narration by a single character is used in only about 90℅ of books ever.

Like I want it to see what VOLDEMORT Is thinking (yes sometimes you can but its still kinda harry) And in warriors it changed from firestar, to another cat, and another cat so on

4 It pulls you in

I am obsessed with Warriors and proud of it! Except I'm going insane because I can't find the next book, but still.

It's just so easy to get drawn in

They say I'm obsessed - AnonymousChick

IT definitely DOES I liked the Harry potter series but not enough to go PSYCHO over them like that was flipping crazy of me like in this series anyone who reads these books wishes they had there own character like am I right orwrong tell me! -Ghostheart

5 You adore the characters

Warrior cats characters are like pieces of cardboard, while Harry Potter characters are realistic and we'll developed. Warriors is incredibly overrrated


HArrie PoTtitier has a bOwlcUt! 11! Yellowfang is AMAZING - Puppytart

6 Erin puts the "best series" in "best series ever"

Coming from a person who has followed both fandoms pseudo -religiously, I can tell you warriors doesn't trump Harry Potter. And I remember a large chuck of my elementary life was spent pretending to be a cat. Admittedly years I wish to forget, but it shows the magnitude of how much the series impacted me as a person, and I can still say Harry Potter is greater. Boy, my life is ruled by books... ! - keycha1n

My mom likes the books and she's a grown up

7 The cats are unique
8 You start to care about nature

No! Two legs! Don't destroy the clans! - AnonymousChick

Hug trees!

9 They have lots of books

But nothing compared to 36 books, 6 series, not mention the super editions and the novellas

And seven books isn't that much? - Swellow

Yes that is awesome X)

10 You cry at the deaths

I like the Warriors series, but think Harry potter is better. - Dawnstar

Flametail's death was very, very sad to me at least because I enjoyed reading in his point of view - Puppytart

I cried seeing Sirius Black die, but not Silverstream or firestar okay?

This is the same as #2. - Swellow

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11 It makes you think more about what it's like to be a cat V 2 Comments
12 Warriors is very original

It is more original. Tell me have you ever looked at a cat and said "Hmm I am gonna make a series about a bunch of cats that live in clans, and have a code, and blah blah blah." That is creative

I really love both Harry Potter and Warriors, making a difficult decision. Saying "the deaths are sadder" or "cats are awesome" isn't really an argument, considering that they are opinions (though cats are pretty awesome, but you get my point). Harry Potter has tons of original stuff, and clever names, but Warriors;
"huh, let's make talking cats that live in four clans and are part of a religion! Ha, that'll be fun! " and it's a bit random but AWESOME. Love them both, though :D

-Emberflight of StormClan

13 The story is better and creative
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1. Cats are awesome
2. The deaths are sadder
3. They don't have the same main character
1. It pulls you in
2. You adore the characters
3. They don't have the same main character



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