Top Ten Reasons to Watch Uncle Grandpa


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1 It Is Funny

You see, there is a problem. There is a weird part In every 2 minutes of the show. The show can't focus. - EpicJake

No. Uncle Grandpa is retarded.

Your kidding me right?

Only few things are funny about that show.

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2 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
3 "Good Morning"

Worst. Catchphrase. Ever.

Good morning

That is god DAMN ANNOYING!

That is the most ANNOYING QUOTE EVER! - Powerfulgirl10

4 The Plots Are Cool
5 It's Appropriate for Kids

Not with all this potty humour. It also looks like you're on drugs watching it.

6 The Kids On It Are Relatable

I highly doubt that kids want to take advice from a stranger.

7 Uncle Grandpa Has Many Butt and Fart Jokes
8 The Farts Are Funny

So this kid likes bathroom humor?

Farts are not funny. Go get a life and grow up.

There is not many fart jokes in Uncle Grandpa
Except for grft

9 It's So Bad That It's Good

I'm pretty sure you said that in why uncle grandpa is better than the Simpsons this doesn't make sense

Is this a joke?!

10 The Animation is Great

Agreed and Agreed, I really love the animation, I'm surprised that they went from gross animations to clean animations, what a novelty!

Wow,what a bitchy fanboy.

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11 The Characters Are Likable
12 Uncle Grandpa is Cool

He sucks. How is he cool? - Powerfulgirl10

13 Pizza Steve is Cool
14 Mr. Gus is Cool

I think he's the only likable character in the show. - Powerfulgirl10

I love mr gus

15 It Reminds Me of Minecraft Classic for Some Reason
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