Reasons to Watch The Waltons

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1 The American Family

It's a story about the American family, for heaven's sake! I mean, you can't get any more American than baseball, fried chicken, and corn on the cob, can you!?

2 Richard Thomas / John-Boy Walton

He is one of my favorite characters on the show. I watched all nine seasons and I'm only 11 years old

OK, to you this may seem like a silly reason. But it's not! Richard Thomas makes John-Boy Walton come alive. I really appreciate this actor. And John-Boy has really inspired me to write a story to the very end.

3 7 Children

There are seven children in this family, so you'll never feel bored while watching a show. Someone's always sleepwalking, teasing siblings, getting mad, playing music, writing something, falling in love, crashing the car, running away, etc., etc. Gosh, did I say "crashing the car"!? Ooops.

4 Rated E for everyone

OK, it didn't actually say this, but this is a show that is clean. Clean and sober. No drugs, swear-words, cursing, or immodesty.

5 One of the most popular Shows
6 Sibling-Ship

That's what we call it, anyway. Those kids are always helping each other [and bickering! ] but isn't that what sibling-ship is?!

7 Grandpa...

Grandpa makes the show! His laughter, his way with trees and plants, the way he gets mad when John-boy called him 'vulpine' because he thought it meant deceitful [it really means smart]. Yup, Grandpa makes the show. Or how about the time he wondered if the Baldwin sisters would consider adopting him along with Jason...?

8 ...And Grandma

Hey, can't have Grandpa without Grandma! That lady makes us all laugh from her "Oh, you old fool! " [said to Grandpa at least 9,000 times a day] to her "Oh, Good Lord! ", Grandma always makes us laugh.

9 Daddy...

Daddy is as cool as a cucumber! When John-Boy was busted for writing letters for his friend Curtis to Curtis's loved one, Daddy just sat at the table, took a sip of coffee, and said, "Looks like you've got some explaining to do, son. "

10 ...And Mama

Mama is the picture of motherhood. She's raised 7 children, and all of them grew up to have great careers and successful lives! [And every holiday, the Walton clan joins together again. Wish I could be part of it, sniff, sniff]

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