Top Ten Reasons We Hope Mumbizz01 Can Overcome His Depression

The Top Ten Reasons We Hope Mumbizz01 Can Overcome His Depression

1 So he can be happy again

Therandom, I don't believe it, thank you so much for making this wonderful list. I've try to fight this horrible disease that's trying to trying to make me retire. I'm hoping this list get's enough attention. - Mumbizz01

Your welcome. Your a great user who doesn't deserve depression. - Therandom

I want him to be happy again. - Therandom

Who doesn't want to be happy? I'm sorry mumbizz, hope you can overcome it. - FasterThanrandom

2 So he can continue his blog posts

He's a talented blogger. - Therandom

3 So he can enjoy this site

The whole point is to have fun on the site. - Therandom

4 So he can make more things and get more recognized
5 He doesn't deserve depression
6 He won't have haters
7 Depression is horrible

I never had depression but I have a friend who does - Therandom

I've had it and it's not good. - Catlover2004

I have had one before - 2storm

8 So he'll get back on his feet
9 So he'll interact with more users

I'm not saying he doesn't but he's less
Open because of the depression. - Therandom

He should take the Glasnost & Perestroika medecine...not the Brezhnev doctrine - CerealGuy

10 He's a nice guy

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11 There's people who care for him
12 He's a great music critic

I doubt I'm a music critic, but I might do it before my time on here runs out. - Mumbizz01

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