Top Ten Reasons We Love Applejack from My Little Pony

She is so underrated. Let's let our Jack know how much we love her.

The Top Ten

1 She is the voice of reason

Yeah she is even though she has been unreasonable at times but I still adore her - bobbythebrony

Even though its Twilight who is the voice of reason this is in a way true

She appears in the most episode from the Main 6. She also speaks when her friends can't or don't want to.

You AJ haters are so racist. You are hating her because she is different and has a different voice and background. - TwilightKitsune

2 She represents the element of honesty

She’s my favourite MLP character - Applejack9876

You won't find a more honest colt

3 She never cheats

She has created. Her stupid fans clearly don't pay attention.

Indeed there is no doubt. As she represents the element of honesty then of course she will never cheat

Excuse me? Those people disliking these people's comments have to be nicer! - Neonco31

Rainbow Dash and her fans are stupid

4 She looks out for Apple Bloom

Take the Zecora episode for example. She risked shrinking herself for AB's welfare - TwilightKitsune

Apple Bloom is so cute <3!

5 She is the only pony to apologize to Twilight for turning against her at the wedding

Queen Chrysalis is an awesome villain

I hate Queen Chrysalis

How come no one else did?

6 She puts up with Fluttershy's whining

Hey I like Fluttershy

Rarity whines,not her! Fluttershy cries,for good reasons
1.Rainbow Dash
2.Pinkie Pie(thank you Rarity! )
3.Celistias pets (almost death)
4.Being a jerk
Applejack is my third fave.
Here is my full list (mane six only)
4.Twilight Sparkle
5.Pinkie Pie
6.Rainbow Dash

7 She is the breadwinner of her family

She also has to provide for Apple Bloom and Granny Smith

This is very attractive. Maybe that's why Trederhoof liked her so much!

8 The farm can't live without her

She is the one that keeps the farm together. - Pegasister12

Even Big Mcintosh needs her! And she is not an annoying or bratty younger sib, she is likeable and I wish she was my sis - TwilightKitsune

9 She goes to the gala for her family's benefit

Why do all of you retards hate her for being so nice?!? That's just stupid!

She could have spent it on herself and she did have the best reason to go but she was the first to give up her ticket and not for stupid reasons like Dash. - TwilightKitsune

I think Pinkie Pie also had a good reason

AJ had the best reason to go to the gala. She wanted to help her family!

10 She saves spike from timber wolves

Shut up Applejack haters! Twilight is the worst character on the show! Applejack is more awesome and is more friendlier! She at least doesn't treat Spike like a slave!

Why do you hate her?

From 'Spike at your service' watch it

The Contenders

11 She is the toughest of the Mane Six

I love Rainbow Dash, but if you ever say anything mean about the best pony ever... I'LL RIP OFF YOUR MOUTH AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR BUTT! Sorry! It's just that Applejack totally has no flaws and needs so much more love.

She is even tougher than the blue retard known as Rainbow Dash

12 She's down to earth
13 She’s hardworking
14 She is Original

I know already. Rainbow Dash is a buttercup-rip off - Neonco31

15 She is a better tomboy than Rainbow Dash

You saw rd at the spa and tries to hard to be a tomboy unlike AJ

I like rainbow dash,but I know how much you dislike R.D,so I'm adding this

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