Reasons We Love Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug

The Top Ten

1 He is underrated

Wait. So he is the most underrated character, in the character universe? -Vestalis

2 He supports Ladybug when she whines that she is a bad hero in "Stoneheart"
3 He isn't a gary stu
4 His fangirls are obsessive to him, but some of them aren't rude
5 He is really nice

I Love His attitude, he is awesome - Stevenuniversefangirl

6 He is relatable

True! Incredibly true! Hey, I bet we've all made a cheesy pun in our lives at least one.

7 His design looks good
8 He knows his mistake sometime
9 He is funny
10 He never bragging himself that he is only best hero

The Contenders

11 He is awesome and powerful
12 He is cute
13 He supports and loves Ladybug despite her flaws
14 He is a cat in a sexy leather suit
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