Top 10 Reasons Why 0 Is the Best Number In Math

Is 0 the best number in math? If it is, give me a couple of reasons!

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1 Anything multiplied by 0 is equal to 0

Did you hear about the Mathematician who was afraid of numbers? He stopped at nothing to avoid them. - Britgirl

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2 Anything divided by it is undefined

Which is exactly the same as saying it has no reciprocal. - PositronWildhawk

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3 It has no reciprocal

So you don't even dare solve for it!

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4 When a number is raised to the power of 0, then the value of the number is 1

Gives me a relief when solving stressful math problems involving exponents

5 0! is equal to 1

The only thing I fail to see is how people forget this in binomial and Taylor series. - PositronWildhawk

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6 Trigonometric ratios are easy to solve for

But you can't have a cosecant or cotangent of zero, as it's undefined. - PositronWildhawk

Like sin(0) = 0

7 It is the number of elements in a null set

Null sets make it all easier!

8 It is neither positive nor a negative integer

So no need to remember your signs!

9 In a circle path, the average velocity of an object is 0

This is why physics problems sometimes get easier! What a relief!

10 It is the origin and the middle of the cartesian plane

This is the best part of the cartesian plane

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11 Everything starts from 0
12 Arrays start from 0
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