Top Ten Reasons Why 1.17 is Going to Be the Best Minecraft Update

1.17 is the cave update. It will be super good. (1.17 is the Caves & Cliffs update) Here are some reasons why it will be the best update.
The Top Ten
1 It is adding axolotls

Axolotls are so cute. They will be the best mob that Minecraft ever had. Combine cuteness, with the awesomeness of them, they will make the perfect Minecraft mob

Axolotls are so useful in some of yters snapshot review thingo, they can like 3 shot a guardian (I think don't take my word for it) but still they're still useful.

Oh that axolotl does look pretty cool.

2 It is going to update caves

Everyone wanted a cave update and it finally happened.. I can't believe they are actually adding a cave update. This goes to show that Mojang listens to their customers, unlike other companies.

3 They are adding Lush Caves

Lush caves have berries, flowers, bushes, axolotls, and moss, there are so much features. This will make underground exploring much more lively and interesting, and the blocks in there will make landscaping so much more beautiful.

4 Copper is good for building

Copper will improve building, show details in builds using the aging mechanism, and most importantly, the copper allows us to build the Statue of Liberty

5 It is going to add goats

Goats are so cute they are super cute and it's funny when they attack cows. They can be used to farm cows which will be useful.

6 It is adding the Warden

The Warden is so so scary. The people who are complaining that Minecraft is not scary they should fight the warden and then come back and tell me how scary that was.

7 Dripstone is so cool

Dripstone is so cool it is the best because it is adding infinite lava and better traps. The texture, and the cave look absurdly beautiful

8 Amethyst is the best

I love the Geodes they are so cool. Amethyst is so mysterious and it makes a beautiful sound when stepping on it.

9 Glow Squid is going to be added

I love glow squids so much with optifine they will actually glow super amazingly cool.

10 It's more expansive

I'm not sure what the person who added this here meant, but here are my guesses.
1. The world becoming higher and lower will make the world more expansive thus allowing more creativity in building.
2. The new cave generation added will make caves more expansive, as we have seen in snapshot 20w16a, and this will allow better exploration and a bigger variety of cave biomes.

The Contenders
11 It is adding snowier snow

Snow in minecraft is not snowy enough I love snowier snow

The powder snow is great for MLG clutching also.

12 Better speedruns
13 It is adding Bundle

The bundle is a useful item coming to 1.17. it can hold only 1 stack, yes, but it can hold different items. for example, if you had 10 raw beef, 4 steak, 1 cooked chicken, you could put them all in one spot, making inventory management more efficient.

14 It is adding new Mountain generation

The terrain generation, especially the mountains, look a bit plain right now. People have been complaining about this, and mojang is finally willing to do something about it. I can't wait for the new and improved mountain generation.

15 There are many bug fixes
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