Top 10 Reasons Why the 2000s Had the Best Cartoons

Honestly, the late 1990s and early-to-mid 2000s had the best cartoons in them. Here's why!

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1 Cartoons nowadays rely solely on fart jokes

Adventure Time and Regular Show > Any 2000s Cartoon Network cartoon.

Let's see... how wrong that statement is. There's Rick & Morty, which relies on dark humor, Gravity Falls, which relies on comedic timing, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, and so much more that don't rely on this. Good cartoons still exist m8 you just got to look for them. - OnlyInDreams

*Point fingers at Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig* - FreeBoy

So? - PageEmperor

2 80s cartoons were frequently little more than toy commercials

I agree with this.
Also, nice list you made, but none of the items have to do with shows that came out during the 2000's. If you put more items on this list, please include ones about 2000's shows because the items I see are only talking about pre-2000's and post-2000's cartoons/cartoon moments. Thank you. - Jasmine21064

Mom is blind to agree that it was cheap toy ads that last 30 minutes of life. - Maddox121

Watch things like He-Man, Dungeons and Dragons or G1 MLP to prove my point. - FreeBoy

3 All the cartoons nowadays look the same

Shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls or Star vs. the Forces of Evil are animated in the same CalArts style. - FreeBoy

4 Pre-existing cartoons got worse in the 2010s

SpongeBob was great in the early 2000s, became bad with "Good Neighbors" in 2005, and now we have post-sequel episodes, WHICH ARE A LOT WORSE THAN POST-MOVIE! The last good episode was "What's Eating Patrick? "! - FreeBoy

The best thing about thid list is the title, because I agree with it. Seriously, all this is is complaining about modern cartoons and claiming it wasn’t in past shows. - PageEmperor

5 Tons of pointless 11-minute dramas

Such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe. CARTOONS SHOULD BE ABOUT COMEDY ONLY (Unless they're action shows)! - FreeBoy

6 Atrocious off-model moments

For example, look at Steven Universe and OK KO Let's Be Heroes. Those shows almost look like they're TRYING to be off-model, for God's sakes! - FreeBoy

7 New shows that just copy older ones

How does Regular Show ripoff of Rocko's Modern Life? They aren't even that similar in concept. - OnlyInDreams

For example, Regular Show copies Rocko's Modern Life! - FreeBoy

8 Crappy reboots of old shows

Granted, Ben 10 sucked at the start, but they RUINED the Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans, which were amazing! - FreeBoy

9 Boomerang got rid of most of the good classics

This item seems to be irrelevant, as it doesn't say anything about the quality of any cartoons. Just because they don't air anymore doesn't mean they're not good. As far as I'm concerned, the best cartoons are from the 1980s or earlier-you can't beat the classics, you just can't. (And I know about the "toy commercial" angle for the 80s, but again, this doesn't mean it's not entertaining. And not EVERY cartoon in that era was a toy commercial-see Inspector Gadget, the original Ducktales, Simpsons (yes it started in the 80s), etc.)

The only good shows left are the original Looney Tunes and the original Tom & Jerry!
There are other good shows (like Dexter's Lab and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), but they only air after midnight for some reason! - FreeBoy

10 Nicktoons and NickSplat got rid of most of their classics

Now, they only air their 2010s shows (not counting FOP or SpongeBob). And the only good shows left on NickSplat are Rocko's Modern Life and The Ren & Stimpy Show, and the other good 90s Nicktoons all got removed for some reason! - FreeBoy

NICKTOONS need to balance their schudele because right now it's terrible all they put on now are spongebob and loud House They need to put Shows Like Avatar, Fairly OddParents,Invader Zim,Danny Phantom,TMNT,Hey ARNOLD AND ROCKO's

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11 2000s cartoons has more mature content
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1. Pre-existing cartoons got worse in the 2010s
2. Boomerang got rid of most of the good classics
3. Atrocious off-model moments
1. Cartoons nowadays rely solely on fart jokes
2. 80s cartoons were frequently little more than toy commercials
3. All the cartoons nowadays look the same


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