Top 10 Reasons Why 2007 Was a Horrible Year for WWE

2007 was an awful year for the WWE for many reasons with the big one being the Benoit murder suicide as well as other terrible moments.

The Top Ten Reasons Why 2007 Was a Horrible Year for WWE

The Chris Benoit Tragedy

This one is self explained - egnomac

The Great Khali Became World Champion

Possibly a horrible decision by the WWE after EDGE was forced to vacate the World title due to injury a battle royal was used to determine the new world heavyweight champion which ended up becoming The Great Khali who was completely unworthy of bieng world champion as he couldn't wrestle at all and was very limited in terms of ring ability. - egnomac

Numerous Superstars Were Injured

Triple H back at New Years Revolution, Undertaker, Bobby Lashley, Edge, & John Cena. - egnomac

Mr. Kennedy Lost His Push

Mr. Kennedy was quickly rising high in 2007 winning the money in the bank ladder match at WrestleMania 23 and was going to be given a huge push but got injured or rather due to backstage politics Kennedy lost his push as well as his MITB contract which he was force to lose to Edge and was orginally going to be revealed to be Mr. McMahon's son which would have given him a huge push. - egnomac

Hornswoggle Won the Cruiser Weight Championship at the Great American Bash

An pretty much killed the cruiserweight division in the process. - egnomac

The Burial of Umaga

Umaga was an unstoppable monster but in 2007 all that came to a halt after losing to Cena at New Years Revolution then at the Royal Rumble then lost at WrestleMania 23 against Bobby Lashley then lost to Santino Marella and finally was buried by the Game Triple H. - egnomac

Mr. McMahon Won the ECW Championship

The final low blow for ECW. - egnomac

Hornswoggle Was Revealed to Be Mr. McMahon's Son
Mr. McMahon Faked His Own Death
Summer Slam Was Disappointing

By far one of the worst Summer Slam pay per views ever as the PPV barely had any good matches the opener between Kane and Finlay was pretty meh, the triple threat match between Umaga, Carlito & Mr. Kennedy was confusing as all three were heels, the rematch between Chavo and Rey Mysterio was midiocre as well as King Booker vs the returing Triple H, and the divas battle royal was nothing more than filler about the only positive was Orton vs Cena. - egnomac

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