Top Ten Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Was Better in 2009


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1 She was appropriate for kids

Yeah She Was Very Good And Nice But Not Anymore Miley Cyrus Is Now Out of control And Gone Extremely Crazy

And the Wrecking Ball music video didn't exist... - Minecraftcrazy530

Viacom could've made Miley Cyrus even worse than Disney did.

2 She actually had talent then
3 She was prettier with long, brunette hair

Or shall we say "Brown hair" as a whole! - The Ultimate Daredevil, who is suffering from an Alpha & Omega sequel, but so much less so because Bobsheaux is reviewing it very harshly

4 She was performing for kids, instead of sitting naked on wrecking balls
5 She was much more mature back then
6 She had good songs
7 Her image used to be so original, now she is trying to be like Niki Manaj

I can't believe her fans think she's pretty. Also can you fans stop calling us haters? It's such a stupid word anyway.

She's even worse than Nicki

She's more original now, then she was just another Disney child star, she's an idepented performer now.

8 She acts like a little kid now

I think this is why Ariana Grande defended Miley Cyrus! >:(

9 She didn't use drugs and smoke
10 She actually looked human

At those days of Hannah Montana she looked natural and lovely but look now what a dirt she's become. All her concerts 95% naked. - Lynch

The Contenders

11 She was less annoying
12 She still had some fans
13 She wasn't naked
14 She wasn't extremely repulsive
15 She didn't have brain damage then
16 Her music videos weren't so bad
17 Her songs were inspiring
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