Top 10 Reasons Why 2018 Was a Terrible Year

With the end of 2018 its time to look back at some of the worst moments that made 2018 a terrible year, and pretty much anything can be included on the list.

The Top Ten

1 School shootings

Does not need to be number 1 school shooting have been happening for years. - Suplexcity101

As much as I'm gonna hate myself to say this, This isn't personally a big deal for me. This is probably because of where I live and that this is an issue which American citizens need to consider and handle (I'm not an American, though a shooting in the UK (Which is rare) is possible).

My advice is to tackle Gun Regulations and Mental Health Services in the United States, considering how school shootings tend to revolve around psychology very heavily and how rampant gun crime is becoming over the years. - CrimsonShark

Looks like Stan's mom is on her period again.

Not a big deal

2 The Death of Stephen Hillenburg

He made our childhoods. - AlphaQ

I never grew up watching SpongeBob, so unfortunately, Hillenburg doesn't resonate in my childhood at all. Then again, I hardly watched Nickelodeon...

However, I will not deny that he is an influential figure for contemporary animation, and that is great loss indeed. Although I wouldn't necessarily state that his death was among the worst things of 2018. His death isn't the kind that is shocking by the context behind it in my opinion. - CrimsonShark

Because he was 1 like stan lee and stefan karl rest in peace he was a great man

Is it just me or were there more celebrities who died this year than usual? - Randomator

3 The Death of Stan Lee


I was heartbroken when I heard the news. When I heard the news, I at first refused to believe it (I heard the news at school), so I looked it up on the internet and found it to be true, and I could feel nothing but anger and grief for the next few days.

He was a great person and influential and inspiring creator. But he was getting very old. No one can live forever. Still sad of course. At least he lived a very good long life. He was almost 96. RIP Stan. While he may be gone. His legacy and creations will still be here and remembered forever. - B1ueNew

Rest in peace,number 1

4 California Wildfires

So a deadly wildfire is better than SJWs, cartoon creators dying, and subjectively bad music? - 445956

Should be much higher this caused many injuries, death and people to loose their homes - germshep24

YouTube rewind was worse according to the creator of this list

This is worse than annoying SJW's - ToddHoward

5 SJWs Continuing to Ruin Everything for Everyone

SJWs are whiny sensitive brats. - AlphaQ

SJWs are whiny sensitive brats that deserve to get yeeted into a pot of water balloons. - AlphaQ

I don't like SJW's, but saying that they ruin everything is a hyperbole. I get it, you hate the things they say/do (I do, too), but they're not the absolute worst thing about 2018. Plus, there are a bunch of things that aren't ruined. I mean, that's why there's still thing in and out of the internet that's still fine and enjoyable. Overall, what I'm trying to say to you all is to stop whining and exclaiming about SJW's so much and do something else that won't waste your free time. Oh, and anti-SJW's are as bad/annoying, if not worse. - Jasmine21064

I have to agree they have done some stupid stuff last year. But I think that the anti-sjws were just as equally bad as them if not worst. - Gabriola

6 The Awful Music

We get it, stupid oldheads. No offense but if you think a whole year is terrible because of music and only music, you need to get a new brain because your old one is too ignorant. All you "waah I'm born in long generation" kids need to screw off. Why don't you stop being ignorant and actually try to find some good songs, because there are good songs hiding around. - AlphaQ

That's what you get for consuming Pop music and other mainstream garbages. - Vip3r

People rely far too much on mainstream. There's loads of 2018 songs and albums that are great, and this includes almost all genres. Dig deep into different genres and see what is being critically well-received. - CrimsonShark

True, mainstream music used to be good until Justin Bieber released Baby. Since that "song", mainstream music has been a lifeless hellhole. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

7 The Numerous Celebrity Scandals
8 Toys R Us Goes Bankrupt

An expensive corporation goes bankrupt, sure it was huge back in the day and had many fund memories, but really not any more sad about it than when any other place I like disappears - germshep24

Millions of people's childhoods died the day Toys R Us went bankrupt and closed all its stores. - egnomac

Yeah this was definitely worse than school shootings (sarcasm)

No, you are wrong. School shootings cause deaths. Now you understand. - JoeBoi

Yes. I was so sad.
- TheDuttyGyal

9 YouTube Rewind 2018

The worst video in Youtube history came out last year.

Probably the dumbest video to exist but it's not a good reason to hate an entire year. - AlphaQ

I was trying to find this. Now put it up there, it sucked. - MaxAurelius

Yes it sucked but really who even cares about YT rewind is is a dumb video anyway - germshep24

10 The Jamal Khashoggi Case

This isn't really about the fact that this reporter dead trying to reveal the President's corruption, but about how the government poorly hid the fact that they had him killed and still some President still act like it wasn't. - germshep24

Umm let me see HE WAS MURDERED

I mean, as much how I feel sad for him and this whole thing, it is equally dumb on Jamal's side to not see that coming, so yeet away bois - styLIShT

The Newcomers

? XXXTentacion’s Death

The Contenders

11 Alt-Right Movement
12 Anti-SJWs Have Become More Annoying Than SJWs Themselves
13 Tide Pod Challenge

Food poisoning - AlphaQ

One of the worst/stupidest challenges that exist. I'm so glad no one I closely knew got subdued into doing this kind of stuff. - Jasmine21064

Why the hell would people actually eat Tide Pod's it clearly says on the box that your not suppose to eat them as they are a hazard to your health. - egnomac

I don't think people actually really ate tide pods it is more just an elaborate movement used as a dumb protest - germshep24

14 The Death of Stephen Hawking

How is this so low?

15 The many Tsunamis
16 Fortnite Controversies

Honestly can we just calm down about this game? - Randomator

Blame the Australian media for this, they started it all - ToddHoward

I believe Fortnite is ruining society. People are addicted to the game and won't stop talking about it. - Pokemonfan10

I hate Fortnite - 23windomt

17 Drake "in My Feelings" Challenge

Yall hating a whole year because of a song? Grow up. - AlphaQ

The song was crap, and the challenge was why it was #1 for 10 weeks. - allamassal

God, I hate the challenge AND the song itself. - IceFoxPlayz

18 The Toronto Van Attack
19 WWE's Terrible Booking

WWE has done a lot of good things in the last couple years with NXT the Women's Evolution etc, you cares about some terrible bookings, they always have had terrible bookings - germshep24

WWE made a lot of terrible decisions in 2018 and just to name a few ending Asuka's undefeated streak, Braun Strowman winning the Raw tag team titles with a kid, the Roman and Brock feud continuing, Brock Lesnar winning the Universal Championship again and lets not forget WWE's pay per views in Saudi Arabia. - egnomac

20 The Arrest of Reuters Journalists in Myanmar
21 The PlayStation Classic Bombs

Gaystation classic - HaloFanboy

22 The Death of Stefan Karl Stefansson

RIP to the #1 boi - AlphaQ

23 Comments in YouTube that Says "Anyone 2018?" or "Like This If Your in 2018"

People still do this in 2019. - AlphaQ

Annoying, but doesn't deserve to be on this list. I mean, does anybody care? I don't think so. - Jasmine21064

Yes its annoying - 23windomt

Even in videos like shooting at school or my dog learned a new trick yeah I’m stupid

24 Stephen Hawking Passes Away

It’s already here - DrayTopTens

25 Retail Apocalypse

I feel that in 5 years everything is going to be shut down and we are all going to be very bored and we can't do anything at all if all the malls and stores are going to shut down

I feel that by the 2020’s we were all going to be bored and end up staying at home not being able to get out of the house and everything is going to be lifeless I really hope this isn’t another Great Depression or recession I really miss the 2000’s and early 2010’s because there wasn’t a lot of retail apocalypses back then

26 The Death of Marty Balin
27 Avicii’s Death

I feel like dance music has been going downhill since Avicii’s death

28 Mac Miller's Death
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