Top 10 Reasons Why the 2019 Grammys Sucked

The Top Ten Reasons Why the 2019 Grammys Sucked

1 Cardi B won Best Rap Album

Damn, the world is gettin' so desordered. - CedreticFomento

2 They rejected XXXTentacion to be recognized during the Memoriam
3 They cut off Drake's acceptance speech
4 They invited Mac Miller's parents just to see him lose Best Rap Album

If Mac wasn't gonna win the award, they wouldn't invite Mac's parents in the first place. - jameshoward

5 They beat feminism into the ground

Meaning they pursued feminism to the point where it has been thoroughly discussed or exhausted. - jameshoward

6 They chose to have Camila Cabello open up the show with Havana, a song from 2017

Honestly, it would've been better if they did this the year before, because Havana is so 2017. to be honest, the song sucks anyway. - jameshoward

7 The nominations were lame
8 Travis Scott got robbed for best rap album
9 It's was all about the sales, not the music
10 It was boring

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11 The current music is lame and pushes SJW agendas
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