Top Ten Reasons Why the 2019 Impeachment Inquiry Should End

Happening at this very moment a impeachment inquiry is being launched against President Donald Trump. The Inquiry is looking into a Trump/Ukraine conversation. Adam Schiff is leading the investigation. This investigation is unfair, unconstitutional, and not needed. In this list we will be looking at why this investigation should be called off.

The Top Ten

It is all hearsay

The whole trial is hearsay. We have the transcript of Trump/Ukraine conversation. They talked about Joe Biden once. The Democrats are basing their whole trial on a "whistleblower". We have the facts that nothing is going on. The Democrats refuse to look at those facts. - 2storm

And the transcript confirmed everything the whistleblower said though - germshep24

Great list! - EvanTheNerd

It’s just wasting time we need to focus on bigger problems then this circus act - RawIsgore

It’s all just a bunch of he said she said nonsense. Whatever happened to this “whistleblower” anyway? - Randomator

It will never work

Even if this passes in the House, it will never pass in the Senate. It is a waste of time. - 2storm

Impeachment is not necessary

One senator asked during the trial and I paraphrase, how does any of this support impeachment. The witnesses looked confused and Schiff quickly said that question was not allowed. The answer is none of this evidence points to impeachment. - 2storm

Can you provide the name of the person that said this, what the context was, and the full quote, because anyone can say "one senate asked this during the trial...therefore my opinion is right" - germshep24

It will probably backfire

Just like the Clinton impeachment. It will backfire and maybe even worse. - 2storm

Adam Schiff is a liar

Schiff is just a blatant liar and we have figured that over this whole inquiry. - 2storm

How in what ways did Schiff blatantly lie?
Again anyone call say that a person is a liar and provide no evidence as a means to discredit a legitimate case - germshep24

It will make the Democrats look dumb

I mean they are already pretty dumb, but now they are looking even more dumb. - 2storm

How are they looking dumb, they provided the evidence and the republicans did nothing to discredit any of it - germshep24

We have the transcript

We literally have the phone call transcript. That is literally the phone call they are talking about. Trump talks about Biden in one small part. The Democrats are listening to this "whistleblower" more than the people involved in this. - 2storm

I think you all know my opinion on Trump (And it's not a good one at all) but this impeachment thing honestly is gonna fail.

So apparently all because he mentioned Joe Biden once, he must be impeached, now that's bull.

Also the elections are gonna come up in a year and seeing how low his approval rating is, he probably will lose so at this point, why give an impeachment if he's most likely gonna lose power soon. - DarkBoi-X

Because the transcript shows that Trump is willing to get foreign powers to help him with a personal political agenda. This is abuse of his Presidential power and is unconstitutional - germshep24

America doesn't care

The silent majority doesn't care about this trial, so why do Dems dwell on it. - 2storm

It is about protecting the constitution, if the President does something that is unconstitutional it is the Congresses job to put in an impeachment inquiry into it, this isn't about whether the people like the President or not, the people need to know what the President did wrong and see the evidence against them - germshep24

The election is in a year

The election is in literally a year. Can't they just wait for election and vote him out. Oh, but they can't because they know they have no one that can beat him, so they resort to impeachment. - 2storm

The thing is if a President is willing to use a foreign power to help them out politically then how can you be sure that the election will be fair. How's does a party fight against political corruption at that level? - germshep24

The Democrats have no facts supporting impeachment

Like I said earlier they have no facts whatsoever. All they have is hearsay and theories. - 2storm

Now the Dems are investigating whether or not Trump lied in the Mueller Report. They just keep changing the subject. - 2storm

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