Top 10 Reasons Why the 21st Century is the Best Century for Music


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1 Rock and rap are just as good, if not better, than they've ever been

Kid A, A Moon Shaped Pool, To Pimp A Butterfly, Madvillainy, To Be Kind; All are albums that have been ranked among the best of the 21st Century, and among the greatest of all time. The Dark Side of the Moon and The Velvet Underground & Nico have nothing to those albums in terms of pure quality, in my opinion. Although I still like both. - Satire

true. - AnonymousChick

2 Pop has arguably gotten better

Pop isn't all Justin Bieber (who is now deserving of his recognition and is not talentless as some elitists claim he is) or Taylor Swift. There's better pop artists than The Beach Boys and The Beatles even today (The Weeknd, Bon Iver, etc.), so think twice before calling pop worthless due to songs you hear on the radio. - Satire

3 People are less offended by shock acts such as Marilyn Manson

And people rarely say that metal is the devil's music anymore. People have grown used to shock acts, therefore, people are less prone to prevent others from listening to them. - Satire

4 More diverse sound

Take a look at Kid A by Radiohead. Then take a look at A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead. Take a look at Untrue by Burial, then take a look at American Idiot by Green Day.

I think you get my point. - Satire

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5 More diverse lyrics

"A dollar might just make that lane switch that's just how I feel, now"

"I won't turn around when the penny drops
I won't stop now"

"Holding you,
Couldn't be alone,
Loving you,
Couldn't be alone
Kissing you"

All of these lyrics are amazing in their own way, and that goes to show how much more diverse the 21st Century is thanks to genres such as rap and electronic maturing. - Satire

6 Nostalgia

Due to the legacy/popularity they have, bands such as The Beatles and Nirvana are pretty popular among teenagers and adolescents today. This allows for the legacy to essentially carry on. Kind of a nice touch. - Satire

7 The Digital Age

Thanks to streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube, music from half a century ago can be played with ease. This confuses me as to why teens say they were born in the wrong generation. Grow up. - Satire

8 Better chance for musicians to get exposure due to Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Should speak for itself, to be honest. - Satire

9 Nu-metal has received a bad reputation come the turn of the century

Rightfully so, because it's a pretentious, angsty, whiny genre for middle schoolers. If a band as famous in nu-metal as Linkin Park can make a legend like Rakim sound horrendous, it definitely has problems. - Satire

10 Better portable music

MP3 players, phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. - Satire

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11 Experimentation is more frequent and less frowned upon

This is the best list I've seen in some time. For a guy who calls himself Satire, this list can actually be taken seriously. - WonkeyDude98

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