Top Ten Reasons Why 4kids Sucks

The Top Ten

1 Changing Storylines
2 Censorship

4kids is so bad that EVEN 2000S KIDS HATE 4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT!

3 Voice Actors
4 Unnecessary Edits
5 Name Changing
6 They Americanize Anime
7 Food Edits

Yeah, 4Kids sucks because Kahn has tried to westernize the food. The example of this part is Pokemon: Advanced Generation, which riceballs changed into sandwiches. For me, It's kinda stupid and 4Kids is intolerant with Japanese culture on anime. - AldoFitrian

Pizza and ice cream are so yummy! πŸ•+🍦

I love pizza and ice cream! πŸ•+🍨

8 Black Characters Changed Into White Characters
9 When They Loose an Anime They Look for Another One to Butcher
10 Cancelling One Piece

The Contenders

11 Cancelling Sonic X

Maria as taken away in the four kids version that it

12 They Think Kids Can't Read
13 Show's Cancellation
14 Changing Plots
15 Cancelling F-Zero Gp Legend
16 They Say Arbok Evolves Into Seviper

They should think twice before saying this. - Lucy1402

17 Cancelling Magical DoReMi

It's dead.

R.I.P. Magical DoReMi 2005-2008

18 Cancelling Tickle-U

It's in Cartoon Network.

Tickle U was not in 4kids

19 Too Many Jokes
20 Too Much Tickling
21 Too Much Laughing
22 Too Much Crying
23 Too Much Screaming
24 Cancelling PokΓ©mon
25 Cancelling Winx Club
26 Cancelling Bratz
27 Banning Bad Language

Now to clean those filthy mouths! 😑

28 Banning the Beach Episodes

Now to block those filthy channels! 😑

29 Banning the Swimming Episodes

Now to cut those filthy scenes! 😑

30 They Think Kids Can't Talk
31 Too Much Sleeping
32 Too Much Kissing
33 They Think Kids Can't Learn
34 Banning Hentai

Now to turn off those filthy videos! 😑

35 They Think Kids Can't Swear
36 They Think Kids Can't Sing
37 They Ruin Japanese Anime
38 Banning Shounen

That's it, no more toys for you! 😑

39 Banning Dark Anime

They're banned because of this silly channel. 😑

40 Banning Kid Shows

They're banned because of the stupid show! 😑

41 Changing Personalities
42 Cancelling Mew Mew Power
43 Bikini Edits
44 Drink Edits
45 Clothing Edits
46 Swimsuit Edits
47 Underwear Edits
48 Face Edits
49 Body Edits
50 Skirt Edits
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