Top Ten Reasons Why 5 Seconds of Summer Is Better Than One Direction

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1 5sos Is Famous for Talent 1d Is Famous for Looks

5sos is more famous for talent then 1d cause everyone thinks that 1d is cute and only likes them cause of that

5sos has at least some talent. They may sound like a generic boy band in my opinion, but at least they actually make music. Their fans appreciate them for that, not only for looks. If they happen to have bad songs, at least they don't get as much attention as 1D. I don't like the band, and I don't hate 5sos. At least they're actually a band.

I think 5sos and 1d are both famous for looks and talent cause you got to remember 1d has been said that there almost as famous as the beatles for TALENT NOT LOOKS and 5sos is a amazing talented band that I love and I also love 5sos as well so don't say that 1d isn't talented...but that is just my opinion on this

Ok, first off, stop comparing 5 Seconds of Summer to One direction. Both bands have something about them that appeals to the fans (whether it is looks or talent). I have nothing against 1D but honestly, I like 5SOS way better. That's just my opinion. Stop comparing them its really annoying.

2 Their Songs Are Better

I disagree strongly. But there is not correct answer because this is an opinion

Oh one direction only has more hits because they are more famous not because they are better

5SOS have some songs with meaning like Broken Home while One Direction have more fun upbeat tracks.

That's totally why One Direction has more hits right?

3 They All Can Play Instruments

Why do people look over the fact that members of 1D do play instruments? Niall and Harry can play guitar, Louis plays piano and Liam said he can do a bit of both piano and guitar. Niall and 5sos played guitar together many times, don't be so ignorant. - Helloimjordan

And they are all musical virtuosos. - gemcloben

Boy bands are known for not playing instruments, it's not all about the instruments. I bet half of the artists don't play them - Dragmedown

Yeah the one d boys only play the kazoo

You can't tell if they play or not instruments because they were formed in a reality as a boyband not as a band and not playing them at the shows is different to not knowing how to play

4 They Can Write Their Own Songs

One direction do write their songs they may get ideas from other people such as ed sheeran but that doesn't mean that the copy their songs etc.. They write their songs and SING them and get awards for it

Yes exactly and most of their new songs are about deep, emotional things not just girls. Don't judge them because I bet you haven't listened to Invisible, Broken Home or She's Kinda Hot.

That's important for an artist because you can relate to them a lot more because they wrote what they are singing.

Even though they all have written their last 3 albums including their solo material now - Helloimjordan

5 Their Songs Are Meaningful

1d has upbeat songs, while 5sos has meaningful songs like Broken home, Invisible ect...

Because apparently Diana, What Makes You Beautiful, Home, Night Changes, History, don't Forget Where You Belong, Story Of My Life, Through The Dark, Moments, etc are not meaningful? And even most of their love songs has tons of meaning, just because it's a love song shouldn't determine its worth. - Helloimjordan

IT'S CALLED English LOVE AFFAIR. I'm going to assume Moments has a meaning, but 5sos's song DEFINITELY does too! It is about a guy getting sucked into a one night stand but after he moves on with his life, he can't forget what happened.

Just because steal my girl hasn't got a deep meaning doesn't mean that all of their songs are meaningless. You can't judge them on a single song when u haven't heard the album which has a lot of thought and meaning in it. They have chose steal my girl to promote the album

6 They Don't Use Autotune

Get your facts straight, they don't use auto tune they have said it doesn't work well with their. At least I don't say 5sos uses auto tune when I don't actually know.

One Direction used auto tune for More Than This, but that's it. They sound identical to their studio tracks when on stage. - Helloimjordan

One direction don't use autotune at their concerts and their voice at concerts are angelic

They don't use autotune, plus 5SOS at their first album used a lot of it because they wanted to sound "more rocky"

7 They Didn't Have Help from Anyone

They had help from One Direction haha

This is somewhat of a lie, because they did get famous by touring with One Direction...

EXACTLY! 5 seconds of summer wouldn't be half as famous if they didn't tour with one direction. - Dragmedown

They started by singing song on YouTube after they plays in the little concert hall after 4 years he become too the city of Australia to the madison square garden!

Please, Louis and Niall have a big role in their career,, just use your brain please

8 They Are Younger

Lol how does this even matter.

If you're older doesn't that mean you have more experience? Also age doesn't even matter like seriously

I bet you're like twelve because this top is so incoherent

What does that have to do with anything?

9 One Direction Lost Zayn Malik

This is true (and thank Arceus he left. We just have to wait for the other four to leave. ) but Five Seconds Of Summer is basically One Direction 2.0. Another generic boy band. - RiverClanRocks

Zayn wasn't the only talented member of One Direction. Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam all have incredible voices.

I'm really like one direction as fours guys, but I also liked them as five. But zayn made made of his fans (including me) feel heart broken

Zayn was the glue to the band

10 They Support Fans with Personal Problems

I would suggest not listening to just One Direction's singles and listen to their lower key songs as well as interviews where they talk about fan struggles. You'd be way more woke if you did. - Helloimjordan

Their new album "Sounds good feels good" is about real issues... Like parents quarrel, depression, do not now who you are.. And looking for yourself...

That's why I love 5SOS

They deal with real problems that make us feel better then 1d

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11 5SOS boys are so much funnier

So that automatically makes them better musicians? Because I thought this was a music related list.

5sos is more open with their conversations and are way more innapropriate but One Direction is hell a funny without feeling need to bring up penises every 2 minutes - Helloimjordan


they are

12 5SOS are friends that came together and made a band. One Direction was put together on X-Factor

Well that's true, kinda, Michale and Luke and Calum were friends while They messaged Ashton on fb because they need someone and then tey because friend with them, Cause originally Ashton hated 5sos. 1d came together casue of xfactor and had to learn to like each other

I guess this one is true, because... it is.

Yeah so true

13 Louis Tomlinson Got a Girl Knocked Up When He Was Already Taken

That situation happened a long time ago and he even got back with the girl and they're fine so why are you worried about it? - Helloimjordan

So... they have done bad things to

Louis is a real cheater and we don't deal with cheaters


14 They Aren't Rude

RUDE?!? ONE DIRECTION?!? You MUST be stupid! They have interviews all day and have to always answer questions they don't want to answer but they do anyway because they are nice.

One Direction aren't rude, they are cool guys.

One Direction is known to be very nice boys. Even nicer than 5sos in my opinion. They're humble, do kind things for fans like buy them food while waiting outside for events, help staff members, etc. especially Harry, he's an angel. - Helloimjordan

All the members in 1D is nice this list is full of lies

15 One Direction Boys Can't Sing

You have the right to think that, but if you truly think 5sos sings better than One Direction, PLEASE GET NEW EARS. I used to think 5sos was better until I realized; Michael can't sing that well. He's my favorite member other than Calum and even I see he's not a singer, he's a performer. Calum isn't that great either yet he can harmonize well, Ashton is a great singer except he barely sings and isn't as good as Harry or Liam. I used to think Luke slayed all of them but then it came to my attention he has no versatility in his voice, no support, he's slightly unstable now ( he used to be more stable, I don't know what happened ). Generally 1D can sing better. - Helloimjordan

One direction sings better than 5sos

What is this list anymore I love both bands but this is getting dumb

You are idiot

16 All 1D Sings About Is Girls

Heartbreak girl, kiss me kiss me, what I like about you, good girls, she looks so perfect; you are telling me 5sos don't? - gemcloben

PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO 5SOS BEFORE JUDGING. What is Rejects about? There are other songs that sound like they're about a person, but they aren't talking about a girl all the time!

BROKEN HOME, INVISIBLE, SHE'S KINDA HOT, REJECTS, SOCIAL CASUALTY 1D don't even have inspirational or motivational songs! I think they have like 1 called Stand up but barely, because near the end it always comes back to some girl

This is the stupidest list I have ever seen

17 Louis is Tone Deaf

That's the most stupid thing I've ever read in my life.

Louis has gotten better and more confident with his voice in case you haven't noticed. His high notes are very good and he sounds very nice now. - Helloimjordan

Who cares? Louis is awesome


18 They Act Themselves

To be honest these reasons are stupid -_- they make no sense

They do act themselves, they've just matured lol - Helloimjordan

If you really think 1D don't act themselfs you should see 1D on stage. They are a much of nutters on stage, ACTING LIKE THEMSELVES

I love patients

19 They're a Rock Band and Not a Generic Boyband

1d is really Generic, 5sos has some spunk but is not a rock band they are a pop/punk band while 1d is a pop bad as are other boybands

5sos isn't a rock band, they're pop punk. And One Direction doesn't even want to be a rock band so why is this even part of the list. - Helloimjordan

They are generic

That's actually really true

20 They Have Their Own Record Label; Hi or Hey Records.

One Direction are the people who got them to that point - Helloimjordan

What does 1d got on that huh?

What about hey violet?

with Hey Vilote under them

21 They Play Pop Punk

Okay? - Helloimjordan

22 They are more connected in a friendship way
23 They Weren't Formed Under the X-Factor

What's wrong with X Factor? - Helloimjordan

Yeah? Well you know who found them? NIALL AND LOUIS?! - Ilovestephanie

Wo car

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