Top Ten Reasons Why 6ix9ine is Better Than Lil Pump

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1 6ix9ine Isn't Bi-Sexual. 6ix9ine Isn't Bi-Sexual.

Being bisexual is much better than pedophilia. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Hey I'm bi-sexual I'm definitely offended who added this item (and no it was not the creator of this list)

Since when is Lil Pump bi?

Lil Pump isn't bisexual, dumbass. He's straight

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2 Lil Pump Made "Boss". Lil Pump Made
3 6ix9ine Has at Least One Good Song. 6ix9ine Has at Least One Good Song.

Lil pump has good songs too. I'm not a fan of him, but I think 6ix9ine is way worse.

And so did lil pump: Molly - Not_A_Weeaboo

Eskeetet is pretty good. - CharismaticKat

4 6ix9ine Has Cool Hair (Cooler Than Trumps'). 6ix9ine Has Cool Hair (Cooler Than Trumps').

Both have the opposite-of-cool hair, but if I had to choose, it would be Lil Pump. - StarlightSpanks

Well it looks better than Trump's hair, that's for sure. - CharismaticKat

5 Lil Pump Has Dumb Lyrics and Says Offensive Stuff to Women Like "I F***ed a B*TCH I Forgot a Name"

So does 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine molested a 13 year old

So does 6, who screams the n-word every 10 seconds. - StarlightSpanks

6 Lil Pump is 17
7 Lil Pump is White and Still Says the N Word! Lil Pump is White and Still Says the N Word!

6ix9ine is Mexican but he says it anyways. - CharismaticKat

They are both hispanic - 445956

8 6ix9ine is Not 17
9 6ix9ine Keeps His Voice Tone, and Lil Pump's Tone is Different Every Song

Yea but is that better? - AlphaQ

10 Lil Pump is Dumber

Well, that is true. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Yeah I guess he is. - CharismaticKat

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11 Lil Pump Made a Song with His Own Name in the Title.

It’s better than having titles like DOOKY and GUMMO AND MOOKY AND GUDDAH AND WACKO like 6ix9ine.

12 Lil Pump Got Kicked Off West Jet.

Haha! - CharismaticKat

13 Lil Pump Wants to Eat a Breakfast Burrito Off of Miranda Cosgrove's Butt

He really did say this. Look it up.

Okay that's really gross and dumb. - CharismaticKat

14 6ix9ine Has Better Beats

True. - CharismaticKat

15 6ix9ine has better quotes
16 6ix9ine Made a Song with 50 Cent Called “get the Strap” and Lil Pump Made a Song with His Bi-Sexual Friends

This made me laugh for some reason😅😅 - CharismaticKat

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