Top 10 Reasons Why 6ix9ine Sucks

6ix9ine is the worst rapper of all time. Enough said.

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1 He is a pedophile He is a pedophile

As appallingly bad as his "music" is, at least Lil Pump was never caught having sex with underage girls - IronFist13

You know what? Screw modern music. Real music is long gone. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

True, but they're underrated. Name one unique and original artist in the mainstream. Oh that's right, there is none! - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Yeah I heard about what he did to that girl. - CharismaticKat

The Sandusky photo adds a nice touch.

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2 He uses the N word when he is Hispanic He uses the N word when he is Hispanic

Black people say it all the time but as soon as a white person says it they get punches square in the nose. Good job society. Sarcasm.

Don't say "so does lil pump" because he's either black or mixed. He can use the N word. Look at his pics before his dread locks. Its not just his hair, but he is part black

In fact he overuses it in his songs. - CharismaticKat

So dose lil skies.

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3 He didn't get any education past 8th grade He didn't get any education past 8th grade

He's a stoopid boi. Wonder how he's gonna fare in prison... - CharismaticKat

He managed to even get any education at all?

Lol, homer's there - LightningStrike

And lil pump went to Harvard but later dropped out at least he's smart enough to get into college #lilpumpgang

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4 He managed to be worse than Lil Pump He managed to be worse than Lil Pump

At least Lil Pump knows he's a talentless idiot. 6ix9ine sees himself as the saviour of rap, which makes him worse than LP in my opinion

No. Lil Pump is worse. - CharismaticKat

Lil Pump > tupac?

He did the impossible. - 445956

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5 He purposefully makes himself look hideous He purposefully makes himself look hideous

He transformed into skittleboi! - Userguy44

6ix9ine needs to use beauty products.

EXACTLY. like, get yo life together man. Tattoos are permanent, and so will his ugly ass style be for all eternity.

His teeth looks like Cal's teeth from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs! - 445956

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6 He is in jail for racketeering, firearm charges and a number of other things, and he is pleading not guilty.

Hate this bastard, stay in jail

"with a crime record like charles manson"-NWA. he actually did it

7 He made the worst song of 2018 He made the worst song of 2018

Lil meerkat did worse - ShrekTheGoat

Actually, a certain song by Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj is the actual worst song of 2018 and it makes all of 6ix9ine's material look like all of Queen's material. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

One of them, but I didn't put it on my list because of how hilariously bad it was.

Also, Spectrum Pulse in the picture lol - oneshot

Keke is the worst song of 2018. Just as bad as Offset's Ric Flair Drip

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8 His behavior towards women

He had sex with a 13 year old when he was 18-- which is ILLEGAL. Basically rape. And he recorded it and posted it online

9 He choked a boy


It was me

10 He's a fake

The Newcomers

? Dummy Boy is one of the worst debut albums of all time

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11 His Shady recordings
12 His hair is ridiculous His hair is ridiculous

His hair is the only thing I like about his current looks. - CharismaticKat

More ridiculous than Donald Trump. - 445956

13 Hey yells in every song Hey yells in every song

Ripoff of Lil Jon as well

What about bebe

Voices Are Not For Yelling. - oneshot

What about gotti

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14 He's one of the few examples of a living meme that does suck He's one of the few examples of a living meme that does suck

That is RARE. - 445956

True no u

15 All of his songs have bad lyrics

N-word this N-word that. Wack. He has nothing to say


16 He's a Soundcloud rapper He's a Soundcloud rapper

That's not a reason to hate him. - CharismaticKat

Soundcloud doesn't necessarily make a rapper bad. Look at XXXTentacion. - oneshot

Soundcloud rappers suck, they are ruining music.

Most Soundcloud rappers suck - 445956

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17 He’s a snitch

Turned his back on his gang multiple times.

Lol. - CharismaticKat

Hoping that boi gets popped

18 He's a troll on social media
19 His beefs with other rappers
20 His lyrics suck

His Gummo song is one of the worst I have heard lyrical wise.

"N****'s Iffy Uh Blicky Got The Stiffy Uh Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh

I know

21 His music is not creative in any way


The style sorta is. No other rapper has that kind of style - CharismaticKat

22 He has rainbow grill He has rainbow grill

I'm gonna grill his rainbows. - DarkBoi-X

His collection of rainbows makes me wanna puke. - Popsicles

Nightmare fuel. - 445956

Ok now that is creepy but 6ix9ime is not for kids

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23 He has a bad stage name.

I said "six, nine" in a tunnel. It echoed. Hey, a "rapper"! - Cyri

He should be called Lil Skittle instead. - CharismaticKat

I won't be suprised when a rapper called 4our2wo0ero rises to fame - SpectralOwl

What kind of name is that?

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24 His over-the-top appearance
25 He likes to act like a member of the Bloods
26 All his songs sound the same All his songs sound the same

And bad.

27 His tattoos

Should be at the top. They look HIDEOUS especially the jigsaw one on his cheek. - CharismaticKat

28 The Day69 album art was ripped off
29 His voice sounds awful

I agree. All mumble rappers hurt my ears.

30 His intense rapping style
31 He is extremely ugly
32 Nonsense song titles

I guess they're as meaningless as the songs themselves? - connorp04

They all sound like something a baby would say. - CharismaticKat


I have a few more for him he could use


This man won’t stop making music until he has every gibberish word known to mankind

33 He composed Keke
34 He rips off his own song names

Fefe, Sese, and Bebe were al ripped off from Keke.
Safe to assume that “Gege” is gonna be next kids! - StarlightSpanks

35 He made the atrocity known as SESE


36 He's a bully He's a bully
37 He's a bad role model
38 He likes torture He likes torture
39 He has been known to deal drugs
40 His teeth are gross
41 He is a pervert
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1. He uses the N word when he is Hispanic
2. Hey yells in every song
3. His lyrics suck
1. He’s a snitch
2. He is a pedophile
3. He likes to act like a member of the Bloods
1. He is a pedophile
2. He uses the N word when he is Hispanic
3. He didn't get any education past 8th grade

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