Reasons Why the 7d is Better Than The Loud House


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1 It has funnier characters

I personally never found 7d to be that good to begin with. - egnomac

It's a disgrace to Snow White.
The Loud House is better and more original, and not betraying.

2 More mysteries in The 7D

Mysteries aren't always good. - TheReviewer20

Mysteries prevent the plots from being predictable. - AinezoChan

3 The 7D is about magic and the seven dwarves, while The Loud House is about ordinary children doing gross things

Plus, TLH is over stereo typed and cliched. - AinezoChan

But isn't this a show for preschoolers? - kcianciulli

4 Grim and Hildy Gloom's "nosy nosy nosy" is way better than Lily Loud's "poo-poo"

I always giggle when that happens. - AinezoChan

Stupid list. - Frodomar49

5 Better episode plots

Funny thing is, I can name a handful of Loud house episodes I hate, but I can't think of one 7D episode that I came even close to disliking. There were still moments within the episodes I didn't like (like the one where everyone called Lord Starchbottom annoying) but I still find enjoyment in all of them. - regularponyfan09

Grim the Genius and Water Ya Doing' Dopey are heartwarming and cute, The Sweet Spot and Making the Grade are cringe. - AinezoChan

6 The 7D don't fight for stupid reasons

Hypocrites. - TheReviewer20

7 Grumpy is a better grumpy one than Lori

Grumpy makes me laugh. When I see Lori, I never laugh. - AinezoChan

8 Queen Delightful is a better dumb blonde than Leni Loud

At least Delightful is smarter than Leni. - AinezoChan

9 Doc is a better smart one than Lisa

Yeah, I agree. I still like Lisa but she can be creepy sometimes. She's also kind of a know-it-all and talks down to others. - regularponyfan09

Doc actually helps the dwarfs, Lisa only makes poop studies. - AinezoChan

10 Sneezy is cuter than Lana

They're both adorable. And so is Bashful. - regularponyfan09

The Contenders

11 The 7D is Underrated
12 Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom are better main adults than Rita and Lynn Sr.

Most definitely. They'd make better parents than them. (PS: I ship Delightful and Starchbottom) - regularponyfan09

13 The 7D has a better theme song
14 Sir Yipsalot is a better dog than Charles

Charles is pointless. - AinezoChan

15 It does not have inappropriate adult jokes

The cute shoe jokes and puns in The 7D make me squee. :3 - AinezoChan

16 It's cute
17 Happy sings better than Luna Loud

Luna is too loud and obnoxious. - AinezoChan

18 Grim Gloom is a better dumb one than Leni Loud

Grim is hot, his stupidity is funny and he has an awesome fanbase. Leni is annoying and a Lindsay rip-off. - AinezoChan

19 It has more developed characters

Even the Glooms have redeeming traits. - AinezoChan

20 There are always happy endings in The 7D

True. - AinezoChan

21 The Loud House is Overrated
22 The 7D is more diverse in species, body type and gender
23 Grim x Hildy is better than Lincoln x Ronnie Anne
24 The 7D does not have characters that are later thrown into the gutter
25 Dopey is a better prankster than Luan

I don't remember Dopey pulling too many pranks. - regularponyfan09

26 Squire Peckington is a better bird than Walt
27 Cobby is a better supporting character than Clyde
28 The Magic Mirror is prettier than Lola Loud
29 The 7D is more heartwarming
30 Chris Savino did not work on The 7D
31 The 7D is not overplayed
32 Better art and animation style
33 The characters are more noble
34 Better storylines
35 More likable characters in The 7D
36 The 7D is well inspired
37 The 7D focuses on a lot of characters
38 The 7D is actually funny, The Loud House miserably fails to be so
39 Better voice acting

True. I do like how each of the dwarves has a separate voice actor. That's something that's rarely seen in cartoons with large main casts. Not even MLP had all different voice actors for the Mane 6. - regularponyfan09

40 Doc is also a better leader than Lincoln
41 The Loud House is too cruel
42 Better shoe loss moments

What do you mean by shoe loss moments? - regularponyfan09

Even their shoe loss moments are kaaii, which is a rarity because I usually loathe shoe loss moments. - AinezoChan

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