Reasons Why the 7d is Better Than Sofia the First

Again, comparing two Disney shows, but this time, it's my most favorite Disney show versus my newly most despised Disney show.

The Top Ten

1 The 7D appeals to a wider age and gender group

Sofia the First is basically only meant for preschoolers, particularly little girls. The 7D is for all genders and a majority of age groups, babies, kids, preteens and teens. - AinezoChan

2 Grim x Hildy and Queen Delightful x Bashful are better couples than Sofia x Cedric

Is Sofia x Cedric considered a real couple? No, Sofia is a child and Cedric and adult, whilst Grim and Hildy are approximately the same age as well as Queen Delightful and Bashful. - AinezoChan

3 The 7D does not always focus on the rich people

It also focuses on humble, less rich people such as the villagers and the forest creatures. - AinezoChan

4 The 7D are not Gary-Stus or getter wanters

True. It aggravates me that Sofia always wins at the end and gets what she wants. Sofia the First basically teaches parents how to spoil kids, and on the kids' behalves, how to spoil THEM. The 7D is much better and funnier. - AinezoChan

5 Grim is a better warlock then Cedric

Grim is very funny and hot, too. Cedric? Nope! He looks so generic and sour, more sour than sour grapes, and his jokes barely made me laugh. - AinezoChan

6 The 7D is not overplayed

Speaking of overplayed, I have a Disney Channel at home, which does air The 7D, but not Sofia the First. What a relief! - AinezoChan

7 The 7D does not have way too many merchandise products

I have had enough of all those Sofia the First merchandise products on almost every toy, book and convenient store, as well as shopping malls. Besides, I do wish The 7D had more merchandise. Technically, it only had one merchandise item, button pins, which were available at a Comic Con. - AinezoChan

8 The 7D is more diverse in age, gender, species etc.

Grim is tall and slender, Queen Delightful and Hildy are of average height and slender, Lord Starchbottom is skinny and The 7D are short and chubby. It also has other creatures other than humans and animals, such as trolls, sprites and fairies. In Sofia the First there isn't enough diverse. - AinezoChan

9 Better animation

I especially love the shading in The 7D series and it has cool 2D. Sofia the First has bland and cheesy plastic looking CGI animation. The backgrounds in The 7D are less lazier. - AinezoChan

10 The 7D does not overshadow other shows from its network

Meanwhile, Sofia the First unfairly overshadows better Disney Junior shows such as Doc McStuffins, Jungle Junction, etc. - AinezoChan

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