Top 10 Reasons Why 90s Ren and Stimpy is Better Than Adult Party Cartoon

I liked Ren and Stimpy, a lot, but I hated the adult version because it's nothing more than crappy garbage! Here are 10 reasons why!

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1 Adult Party Cartoon changed the characters' personalities

Again, I'm not against the gay community or anything, but the show could've been good... if Ren and Stimpy weren't gay or bisexual or whatever.
It's weird!

Ren, what did that poor frog did to you?

I liked Ren much better in the 90's. In APC, Ren became a violent pervert.Stimpy became, ahem, "gay".

Just,... WHY!? - Dragontree102

2 Adult Party Cartoon uses too much sexual reference

I mean SERIOUSLY, who wants to see stuff we might not supposed to know about?! - Dragontree102

To be honest, some sex jokes are pretty hilarious. - Powerfulgirl10

3 Adult Party Cartoon contains animal abuse

I know that only happens in Ren Seeks Help, but it really is cruel to watch Ren torture a frog for no reason what so ever! - Dragontree102

This cartoon is a perfect example of when cartoon violence go's too far.That poor little frog suffered so horribly that it just wanted to DIE. This is the worst cartoon in history no doubt about it no contest!

4 Too much cursing in Adult Party Cartoon

Hands down. This is the worst cartoon I've ever seen.

Hmm. Well I like profane, but I'm okay with haters. - Powerfulgirl10

In APC there are words that are really not appropriate to hear. - Dragontree102

5 The 90's Stimpy was cute

Not cute as We Bare Bears, but still pretty decent.

6 Adult Party Cartoon is really mean spirited
7 The 90s was really funny
8 90s Ren was less gross
9 90s Stimpy was funny
10 90s Ren and Stimpy did jokes correctly

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11 90's Ren wasn't a Pervert
12 Adult Party Cartoon ruins your childhood
13 Ren Seeks Help episode destroys your childhood
14 There was no nudity in the original
15 Adult Party Cartoon is gross and bad
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