10 Reasons Why Abortion is Not Okay

Liberals think abortion is okay. What kind of thought is that? Abortion is NOT okay and here's why...

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1 It destroys the work of God

I'm not conservative nor liberal, but I agree that abortion is still awful.

God created that person for a reason. - DoroExploro13

Abortion is good

But what is the woman was raped? - 445956

The woman could just give the baby away for adoption, so abortion shouldn't be the woman's resort by any means. Life is precious, protect it. - Thelistmaker

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2 It's a sin

Sin is not good. - DoroExploro13

Sins are the excrement of a male cow. Abortion is okay if you were raped and need to abort it. Being homosexual is a sin and there is no problem with that. - 445956

So what if the woman is an underage girl who got raped? Are you going to force her through all that crap? - GlassweighanCountess

3 It's the killing of an innocent human being

The child did not decide for the man and woman to have sex. So why should an innocent person be punished? - DoroExploro13

And that is a complete red herring. The real argument is if the pros of abortion outweigh the cons and if the fetus is a person - ARandomPerson

And abortion is caused by the raping of an innocent human being - 445956

Exaclty! I hate abortion with a passion! It's a disgrace to nature! It should only be ok if the baby already would die in the belly or if the mother would die giving the baby birth, otherwise you're a murderer for aborting an innocent human being! - darthvadern

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4 Life starts at the moment of conception

Okay, let's say that there is a fertilized egg in a petri dish. A random person comes along and destroys the fertilized egg. Should they spend life in jail, or even be eligible for the electric chair? - Alpha101

Once the sperm and egg combine, life begins. So yeah, abortion is murder - DoroExploro13

What does that have to do with this? - 445956

No. life has already started before as the form of egg and sperm... - ARandomPerson

5 It's an unsafe procedure

Actually abortions are safer than giving birth :/ - ARandomPerson

That is something pro-choice people could argue too, you know - 445956

6 It violates civil rights

What about the right of someone to regulate their own body? - Alpha101

Though the child isn't born yet, it still has rights - DoroExploro13

Yet it is caused by rape, which also violates civil rights. - 445956

Roe v Wade - ARandomPerson

7 It's damaging to families and relationships

how so? - ARandomPerson

And rape is damaging to someone entirely. - 445956

8 It compounds tragedy

Rape is also a tragedy. - 445956

how so? - ARandomPerson

9 People think it solves their problems, but it just creates new ones

How so? - ARandomPerson

Not really - 445956

10 It breaks the abortion cycle

what..? - ARandomPerson

What the? - 445956

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11 It shows how people are irresponsible for their actions

And we should be punished for that for 18 years. - ARandomPerson

So does rape - 445956

12 It costs more money then just buying condoms
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