Why I Support Abortion

Yes, I support abortion. Why you may ask, if you are a conservative or liberal, particularly conservative, I will explain why I support abortion now. Many people who don't support abortion are religious, and I am not christian. So I don't believe it destroys the work f god.

In the case of rape of incest, I think abortion is okay. The father will most likely not be in the child's like in the case of rape, and the mother doesn't deserve to live with her rapists child. In fact, she might not want the child and the child may grow up unloved. If you were a child of rape, your mother would dislike you and you would have no father in your life, and that is worse then being aborted in the first trimester. Which way do you feel pain?

Abortion is a relatively safe procedure, a mother is more likely to die giving birth then from having an abortion. And there are side effects, but giving birth also has side effects. And depression? Yes, its can happen from having an abortion.

But being abused in foster care can be painful, and according to childrensrights.org, 428,000 kids are in foster care. The website has also stated that the average age is nine, and that more then half of foster children are children of color. Should a child be subject to bullying and abuse in foster care, or never be born, therefore experience nothing?

Without abortion legal, women will find a way to abort there unborn children anyways if they really want to, and that can be dangerous to their health. Plus, early enough a baby is just a clump of cells. Like your toes. And if your diabetic and need them removed, you can get your toes cut off.

Sperms cells are possible people, and when a man ejaculates, he stops possible people from becoming people! The point is, not every baby will be born, because babies will be miscarried, and babies will die after they are born. My mom miscarried one of my brothers and my sisters child died before it was born.

Life does not begin at the moment of conception in my opinion. It begins at first, and do you value some clump of cells more then a living breathing person?

If the baby will cause the mothers death, then abortion should be allowed. Who will nurse and take care of the baby and will take care of it? If you could choose right now between the lives of a living breathing women and a clump of cells, whose life will you prioritize?

This is Eileen/MetalObsessed and this is the end of my post.


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