Reasons Why Actually Happened is a Terrible YouTube Channel

Actually Happened is a YouTube channel that tells “real” life stories, and animates them in a video, similar to Storybooth. Only accept, these stories are fake. And Actually Happened makes them up. Here are reasons why this pathetic YouTube channel is nothing more than a terrible clickbait channel.

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1 They make clickbait videos for money

This so called YouTube channel makes clickbait that only gets a lot of views because people think the story is “real”, and they earn money. Stop encouraging this YouTube channel! It doesn’t deserve the money it gets. Actually Happened is a fraud, and they only make fake videos for money. - RadioHead03

2 All the stories actually didn’t happen

I agree with this! I mean some of the videos are way to insane to have actually happened - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

How in the hell can you get popular at school because people think your pregnant? Yeah, legit that’s a real video they made. Or how about this guy making a very stupid potato joke, and causing a breakup. This doesn’t make sense! And when you watch the videos that sound real, they aren’t. Because the logic in them doesn’t make sense. - RadioHead03

3 The logic in the stories doesn’t make sense

€I’m 13 years old, and I was born 6 months ago.”...what in the actual hell? This quote was literally said in one of their videos. Honestly it’s so stupid. Also there was another video involving a kid who had to pretend to be dead because his father committed a crime or something, so they had to change their last names. But the kid accidentally says his last name when attendance is being called at school. Who says their last name? The logic in these videos make zero sense. - RadioHead03

4 They have bland voicing in the videos

The voiceovers are so bland. The actors sound really fake, and they aren’t even trying. Also the lady from the “My mom was in a coma” video sounds like the same lady in the “I found out I was autistic” Video. They don’t even try making different voices. - RadioHead03

5 The animation looks cheap in the videos

The animation looks really ugly. I don’t care if it’s low budget or not. Storybooth has better animation then Actually Happened. - RadioHead03

6 They change the titles of their videos multiple times

There was this video they made, and it was called, “I was trapped in a house with 5 burglars.” Then they changed it too “I risked my life to save my neighbors but it didn’t help.” And then they changed it again too “I thought I was smarter than the burglars but got trapped.” This is so pathetic, and hilarious at the same time. - RadioHead03

7 They are trending on YouTube

Look what’s trending at number 6 on YouTube. “My dad stole all the money I earned during the summer.” The fact the video is trending right now is pretty sad. - RadioHead03

8 They have stupid titles for their videos

Next up on actually happened: I LOST MY SHOELACE AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE 😱 - BananaBrain

Read my comment on number 6. Also here are some other stupid titles from their videos.
“I lost my baby because of my stupid friends advice.”
“My brother or dad will go to jail and I must choose who.”
Or how about this one.
“I eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
These are actual videos with “real” titles. Cool huh? - RadioHead03

9 They milk the topics of their videos

So many miles topics for the videos like,
My stepmother hates me.
I did this thing at school to make me popular.
Or my cousin is evil.
Really though, think of something original for crying out loud! - RadioHead03

10 They are earning money from their videos

Dumb reason. Making money from your work doesn’t affect your work. - MrCoolC

The more money they get, the more they won’t stop. - RadioHead03

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11 Their stories are so cliche

Their stories are so cliche and try to catch views - mrsquishymuffin

12 They are a ripoff of Storybooth
13 They don't treat serious topics with care

Unlike minutevideos, they totally treat these serious topics like it's a soap opera or something like that.

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