Reasons Why Actually Happened is a Terrible YouTube Channel

Actually Happened is a YouTube channel that tells “real” life stories, and animates them in a video, similar to Storybooth. Only accept, these stories are fake. And Actually Happened makes them up. Here are reasons why this pathetic YouTube channel is nothing more than a terrible clickbait channel.

The Top Ten

They make clickbait videos for money
All the stories actually didn’t happen

I agree with this! I mean some of the videos are way to insane to have actually happened

The logic in the stories doesn’t make sense
They have bland voicing in the videos
The animation looks cheap in the videos
They change the titles of their videos multiple times
They are trending on YouTube
They have stupid titles for their videos

Next up on actually happened: I LOST MY SHOELACE AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE 😱

They milk the topics of their videos
They are earning money from their videos

Dumb reason. Making money from your work doesn’t affect your work.

The Contenders

Their stories are so cliche

Their stories are so cliche and try to catch views - mrsquishymuffin

They are a ripoff of Storybooth
They don't treat serious topics with care

Unlike minutevideos, they totally treat these serious topics like it's a soap opera or something like that.

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