Reasons Why Adele Is Better Than Jackie Evancho

I like Jackie Evancho a little bit, but it should be with beyond a shadow of a doubt that Adele is better. Do you agree?
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1 Adele Writes Her Own Songs

Adele did not write her first song until she was 16, Jackie Evancho co-wrote a song on her "Dream With Me" CD at age 10, and has another on "Awakening" written at age 13.

A lot of personal preferences on this list rather than objective fact

When it comes down to Adele and Jackie it's "ADELE WHO? "

Adele had as many as three co-writers on every single song on "25".

2 Adele Plays Instruments

Jackie Evancho plays piano and sings on "My Immortal" during her upcoming T.V. special that will air in December.

And on the other hand this Evancho is based on promotion...

3 Jackie Evancho Does WAY Too Many Cover Songs

Metallica did many cover songs. I guess that means Poop is better than Metallica, because Poop doesn’t cover other artists.

Yeah, like songs written by that Puccini guy, and also that other guy, Andrew Lloyd Weber. Real nobodies in the songwriting world.

Jackie Evancho does many Classical Crossover songs, which by nature are covers.

4 Adele Won 6 Grammys In One Year

Adele deserves every accolade she's received. She's a splendid songwriter and worldwide performer. Everyone has heard of Adele which can't be said of Jackie Evancho who has yet to produce any remarkable recordings of her own, and be known all around the world. Americans are so parochial.

Adele is a great artist who deserves everything she has gotten, while Jackie is also great, with an exciting future ahead of her.
Comparing 26-year old Adele to 14-year old Jackie is apples vs. oranges. They will probably become great friends when they meet, which will almost certainly happen at some point soon.

Adele and Jackie Evancho both have lots of talent, and are great. I think they'd get along great when they meet. They both have very bright futures ahead of them and should definitely continue in the music industry.

That is a hell lot of Grammys

5 Adele Experiments With More Genres

Jackies new album includes folk, symphonic metal, pop, Broadway, and she recently did a jazz single with Jumaane Smith.

On her Japanese CD release, Jackie Evancho did a traditional Japanese folk song "Moon Over the Castle Ruins", and sang it in Japanese.

Jackie Evancho's new CD "Awakening" also has several classical crossover numbers, a classical spiritual, and even one rock song, plus "The Rains Of Castamere" which can only be described as "Goth".

6 Adele Was Ranked As The Greatest Artist of The 2010s by VH1

Just edging out Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez.

7 Jackie Evancho Has Never Gotten On Saturday Night Live

Jackie Evancho just turned 14 years old; definitely would not be appropriate.

I find it really hard to think that Drew Barrymore actually hosted when she was somewhere from 5-8. Sure, she might've been in one of the most popular children's movies of all time, but SNL is suited for adults. I'm ten, and I watch it, but a lot of the humor is very sexual or innapropriate. There's also a lot of foul language (they censor some out) but they probably had to tone it down for the episode with drew barrymore.

8 Adele Puts Soul Into Her Music

The same women who cry over cute puppy dogs cry for Adele.
Jackie's music reaches so far into your emotional core, that the toughest of tough guys; bikers, truckers, ex-military, and other stone-faced cases simply cry like babies when Jackie sings.

Adele learned about emotion by getting dumped several times by idiot boyfriends, Jackie was simply born with an unprecedented level of emotion in her singing.
Women cry for Adele's music, but both men and women cry for Jackie's.

9 Adele Won a Golden Globe

What was Adele doing when she was 10-11-12-13?

10 Adele Has Done at Least Six Charities

Jackie Evancho has done at least eight charities.

Jackie Evancho has performed for these charities [among others]; David Foster Miracle Foundation [transplants], Starkey Hearing Foundation, Animal Friends [shelter] Loma Linda Children's Hospital, Protecting Seals, We Are Hope [MuzArt Foundation], Muhammad Ali Foundation, World Peace Center [Hiroshima].

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11 Adele Puts More Work Into Her Music

Very true.
Adele is an adult, working full-time as a professional musician.
Jackie is a child, working part-time on a very restricted schedule of an average of 2 performances per month, plus a bit extra at Christmas.
Also, Jackie is one of those exceedingly rare individuals who can "see the architecture" of a piece of music, allowing her to completely understand and memorize almost anything in a very short time, even in foreign languages.

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