Top Ten Reasons Why Admin Should Never Allow Cursing on TheTopTens


The Top Ten

1 Kids go on TheTopTens too

So do the people who find this list terrible!

Wrong. It's for 13+. - AlphaQ

Totaly true

2 It could become a mean website
3 Kid's parents would ban it

If I get voted I'll create a Kids mode for babies or people who are "allergic" to swearing. - AlphaQ

Oh my god just don't read the curses.

4 People are lucky with bad words they can use now
5 Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj would be cursed way too much
6 Nice members on TheTopTens would be offended if trolls curse them

All the more reason to swear at them, lol.

7 More trolls would come
8 TheTopTens is great now
9 Good users now will curse and not be good users

I a good user barley uses extreme curses. Some words are disgusting (for example the n word, fa g, cu, excetera) Sooo yea I keep it kid friendly 46% of the time.

There are 2 types of swearing- curse words suitable for ages
7+ - Damn, hell, crap, gosh, etc.
13+ - the f word, the b word, etc.
Though I don't swear, I'd recommend 7+ swearing and 13+ swearing in such a way that it isn't targeted towards toptenners. Eg, That movie was total s***. - styLIShT

I swear sometimes but I'm a light curser (if 'bitch', 'ass' and 'sh! t' count as a swear word) - AlphaQ

10 It could put bad influences on people
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