A Reform To The Twenty Items Per Page (And Others)

TheTopTens Admins have made some of the most controversial moves in the year of 2015: We've got the day that lives in infamy, February 26, because the Admin made a policy about not saying anything negative about other users. They've also become more lenient on swearing recently. In fact, I've gone to my deleted comments which I ALREADY APPROVED, and most of them had no problem, except for words like "f***" or "damn". Admin, THIS IS NOT A RATED PG SITE! I do understand swearing is offensive to some people, and by that, I mean 11 year old hypersensitive brats. But now to the real topic: How to reform the 20 items per page idea.

The Admins used to allow 100 items per page whilst reading a list. Those were the good ol' days where you could read lists more easily. It may have taken a little longer to load, but trust me, it was well worth it. Nowadays, you can read just twenty items per page. This is especially a big problem for the larger lists such as "Most Romantic Things To Say To Her" or "Best Songs of All Time". This is a big pain in the ass because you'll have to scroll PAGE AFTER PAGE to find some good, underrated, or new items. The Admin claims to loads quicker, but to be honest, there isn't much of a difference with my iPad. Now to the reform I'd like to have.

For the twenty items per page thing, I think there should be fifty items revealed. It would make a compromise between the TopTenners' favorite and the Admin's favorite. Fifty doesn't cause too many crashes, and it doesn't cause too many new pages to be made. But wait, there's more to this. To make sure you can scroll all the way up to the top item on the list without changing thrity pages or researching for the list, I think that once you get to the bottom, there should be an automated scroll, such as those that Bing and (gags) Google has. Once you reach the bottom, another set of fifty items will be revealed, no need to press another button, no need to turn the page. All you've gotta do is scroll to the top. Sure, scrolling could be harder for larger lists, but it's WAY easier than going through thrity plus pages just to get back to the top. Now to some other reforms that go way off topic (read if you wish).

Instead of having the baby blue and white and green color scheme of TTT to splat into our profile pages, we should be allowed to make some changes. What if I want the background to be yellow and the wording black when you get to my profile? What if I want a pattern of TD characters on the sides of my profile? What if I want TTT's logo to suddenly turn from blue to orange in October? Well, that should be allowed on the users' profiles. There should also be a reform of showing remixes. They take up tons of space on a profile, and I think the remixes should be listed just like lists are. Lastly, blog posts should be grouped into series. For example, thos would appear at the bottom of the Total Drama Action: TheTopTens- Episode 5 (Going Overboard)

Go To: Previous Episode- Total Drama Action: TheTopTens- Episode 4 (Twenty-Two Shades of Personality)
Go To: Next Episode- Tot4l Dr4m4 4ct10n: Th3T0pT3n5- 3p150d3 6 (Num3r1c4l)

This should be grouped up by the TopTenners, and in addition, there should be an ordering system as well. Maybe when you make a blog post you should be allowed to group it to be the latest episode in the series.

That is all, Turkey out!


I like your idea, but I want the 100 items per page back.
Sorry:( - Therandom

*applause* - Puga

Agreed completely. - Garythesnail

Totally agreed! - bobbythebrony

I agree. Especially on the swearing thing, we live in a world where people are more offended by "f***" then rape, murder, discrimination, pedophilia, animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, etc - ToptenPizza

I like RalphBob's idea where we can choose how many items per page we see in our account settings. But this is also a great idea. - PositronWildhawk

I can only think of the work it takes for these ideas to go into effect. I'm sure admin is working on something. - keycha1n

Yeah. Probably another policy that allows no negativity. - Therandom

*throws flower*
Great - CerealGuy

It seems that I may be the only one who disagrees. I liked the idea, but I would prefer 100 items. Well, it's just that I liked the 100 items per page. It was better. - Therandom

I agree with this post as the 20 items per page was one of the worst things admin has done to this site. But I think censoring swearing pretty much makes the site cleaner and more decent than the others. - visitor

The new look of the hompepage sucks... - visitor

I think that people should be allowed to change the number of items shown to however they want, from 1 to 100. It would be a good compromise, and everyone would be very satisfied. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

How about the viewers of the list can click on a button near the title and set the amount of items they want to view on a page for that list?
I think that is a good idea.
And also when you show your age on your profile, you can read uncensored profanity by setting the age above 11.
Finally, if you don't use good reasons to hate a user in a user hate list, it get's unapproved.
I hope you like these ideas. - Skullkid755