Top Ten Reasons Why Admin Should Scrap the Policy

It is the 22nd of June. The policy has been established since the 19th of June. I thought it was a bad idea, and nothing has made me change my mind so far. I don't know why there hasn't been a list about it, heck, there's been two high quality blog posts about it so admin should be able to take a list pretty well too. Without further ado...

The Top Ten Reasons Why Admin Should Scrap the Policy

1 Users need criticism

Users can criticize each other easily on this site. Calling others words collected from the wide scale of vocabulary about digestion and sexual life isn't called criticism - Alkadikce

They do need criticism. Yeah, it is bullying, but if you give biased reasons, act immature, etc, you need criticism then. But No! This policy is preventing us from doing it. And their is also a difference between "Criticising" and "Bullying". Criticising is about giving you certain advice. Bullying is being a jerk to someone. - EpicJake

There is a big difference between telling the user what they could improve on in the future and blatantly attacking them. - 3DG20

Exactly. Constructive criticism helps users grow and learn from their mistakes.

2 People are scared of losing their accounts

That is why I don't want to say bad language on here too much. They don't have to be that sketchy.. - Katildalover93

Admin said that if I messed up one more time that I would either get suspended for a long time, or lose my account, after all I've done. Now I have to be extremely careful what I say.

Well they are obviously overreacting and they can't lose their account unless they do something very much agianst the policy - darthvadern

Yeah, I'm afraid of saying it's a bad post or something and losing my account because the user says "I'm bullying them" - Therandom

3 Admins are doing what they want and not what the users want

Exactly, they are serving their own interest and moving every creature here like a puppet. I don't give a darn, I'm not like rest here who are wrapped around their fingers and tolerate non-sense on a regular basis. I'll open my mouth, when I feel the need to, and will open it big. - Vip3r

What is more important to a kingdom; the king or the community? - Puga

Without the community the king would have nothing to live for, billy - Puga

They are trying to keep the site a safe enviroment, it's quite obvious - darthvadern

They are being really stubborn considering almost nobody likes the new policy. - RalphBob

4 Admin won't listen to us

Well probably because you didn't give any valid critisicm or because changing it would make the site a lesser safe enviroment - darthvadern

No, I actually did once send loads of feedback in a very calm manner, but he gave the reasons to why he wouldn't change the policy, which I can understand - darthvadern

So if Admin did listen to us, then we would support the policy.

Well admin was listening to us now that he added a new user or post search feature to the site.

Admin just does whatever he wants. - zxm

5 What was once okay is not okay

That's like saying reporting users used to be ok but not anymore. Your point is? - darthvadern

What year did somebody said it was not okay? - FerrariDude64

So is everything that used to be legal okay? - Alkadikce

In 2001 South Park showed Muhammad uncensored.
In 2011, due to death threats, Comedy Central censored him in a later episode. Does that sound unfair? It's a metaphor for TTT. - Puga

6 Most users are against it

Most people were against Galilei so the Sun must go round the Earth - Alkadikce

You are supposed to act in a manner that is consistent with the Terms of Use. Making petitions on scrapping the policy promotes multiple violations of the Terms of Use.

To be honest I'm not against or in favor it. I am neutral about the new policy. - cosmo

More than half of the site is against it! Even I'm against it. - EpicJake

7 It allows hypersensitive babies to shine in the spotlight

And the opposite would allow rough tramps to shine in the spotlight - Alkadikce

Don't feed them, ignore them, it's as simple as that, feeding is the reason trolls have become way too prominent in the last few months - darthvadern

That doesn't mean hypersensitive babies should be on this site. - InfinateSuperstorm

Oversensitive and immature creatures have been constantly breaking into this site in large numbers and have turned it into a wrecked Civilization, and the administration is not even worth talking about. - Vip3r

I really dislike how this detracts attention from those who deserve it. With some criticism, they would be fairly balanced. - PositronWildhawk

8 Censorship of the internet

There is no need for swear words to invade the site. You can perfectly express yourself without them even if you are not native English - Alkadikce

Yeah. Sometimes I can say bad language, but not all the time. They need to understand. - Katildalover93

You're arguing over that you can't curse here even though it's completely pointless - darthvadern

This site is about sharing opinions, well it WAS about sharing opinions. - EpicJake

9 The Overrated Users list was removed

Here's admin logic:
Make a list about users that are praised a little bits too much=offensive
Make a (insert something here) fetish list or a list that only send death threats=family-friendly pg clean content. - MrCoolC

The list wasn't even meant to be hurtful in the first place. It didn't really attack the users in anyway, and instead, just stated how they got too much praise.

I'm sorry, but I never saw a problem with that list. I don't believe anyone attached anyone. They just stated opinions.

I was being a little oversensitive about the list. I've learned that criticism is actually good for any users, so the list isn't so bad. - Garythesnail

10 Users are scared of comments, posts and lists being removed

I'm a victim of this atrocious behavior, but the difference is that I'm not scared. 95% of my indigestible honest opinions were wiped out without using even a fraction of grey matter in the head. - Vip3r

One of my posts was removed just because it had an uncensored f***. CURSE YOU ADMIN! - Powerfulgirl10

I censor so my stuff doesn't get removed

They're actually afraid of accounts being deleted - styLIShT

The Contenders

11 The petition has 30 signatures but admin took no action

Petitions are useless. The policy won't be scrapped, as it's already stated in the Terms of Use. Stop it with your fantasies.

I was gonna say something about the admins, but due to the new policy, they probably wouldn't accept it. - RalphBob

We should keep the petition up. Hopefully get the majority of the site on our side. - IronSabbathPriest

The more signatures, the more chance the policy will be scrapped. So keep BOTH petitions up. - EpicJake

12 There are some users on the site that are actually bad and need to be criticized

Isn't the disrespecting of opinions already too big on this site? Do you want another 4chan? Let's check a bit abroad (i.e. the rest of the internet) to see how people treat each other there. And it's not about hypersensitivity. If you are saying that it's just words on the screen, then what you send is also words on the screen, so there is no use of offending others either. - Alkadikce

Criticism is allowed on the site, just not every form of criticism - darthvadern

*cought* *cough* Piplup *cough* *cough* - Hellohi

13 It grants crybabies more power

The item name itself is bad but I don't know how to say it properly. Imagine if a crybaby Indie Dev who can't take criticism reports to admin for bullying, since the policy indicates that the content will be judged for what you said without context, it will be removed. Imagine that being applied to TheTopTens - YourWaifuSucks

Only if you decide to feed them - darthvadern

14 People retired because of it

We lost a lot of good users all thanks to it - TwilightKitsune

We need users that can save thetoptens!

15 The grammar correction system, word censorship, sentence editing and removal of parentheses often ruins people's lists and also messes up their titles badly
16 Admin is biased

This is the most relevant item in the list, and I strongly and evidently agree, with them having a prejudiced mindset. - Vip3r

This is 100% true! - Userguy44

17 Lists get denied

Example: my trash lists - Murphypaw

18 Admin is constantly annoying the users

No, he's just doing his job - darthvadern

Yes he is! - Userguy44

19 We want more arguments

Topics to choose from:
Donald Trump
legalising of weed
legalising of LGBTQIA+ marriages
operation systems

Anybody out there for a coffee with a small talk about these cute issues? - Alkadikce

I bet a troll put this here.

What? Why? - Goatworlds

20 We need more swearing

Why? - darthvadern

Hm, that’s interesting. - Userguy44

As if kids won't find this site. - MrCoolC

21 The list of worst TopTenners was removed

The Worse TopTenners need to be removed were:

TopTen reason why everybody hate Wordgirl.
TopTen reason worse PBS Kids show.
and etc - Rawflesh0615

That’s actually a good thing since it was bullying a lot of users.

22 It nearly made SpectralOwl infamous

It was after Puga was suspended yet again, over user elimination games. I wrote a sarcastic letter about something involving his next move being removing DHMs on user ranking lists. For some reason, he actaully saw that as a legitimate suggestion. Fortunately, people asked to stop blaming me for it (Specifically, Element119) and reminded people that admin was the target for a long time, and there wasn't any signs of it cooling down - SpectralOwl

23 We need more kids on the site

No we don't - styLIShT

24 Admin playing favorites with certain users

While other, better users are being treated unfairly. - KalloFox34

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