Letter to admin

IronSabbathPriest Dear Sir, or madam.

I am writing about your newest policy and my latest post. My latest post was a rant called "Are You Being Serious?! (Explict)" on the list "Best TheTopTens Users of July 2015" or something like that.

My question is, why was the rant deleted? It wasn't targeting anyone specific, and you can't accuse it of being too vulgar. As I clearly stated in the title of the post that it would be explict. So oversensitive crybabies wouldn't have to look at it. All I was doing was expressing my opinion on the matter.

And now the policy. You can't just sheild the obvious from our eyes. The internet isn't a nice place, I think everyone will agree. And while I have absolutely no intention of using this site for bullying/trolling, I wish to give my fair criticism to things inside and out of this site.

In fact, I don't really think you have the right to control us like this. Just because you created this site doesn't mean you've done the most for it. You have one list, which was made recently. I have over 100, and a handfull of users have over 1000.

I guess this will get deleted probably. The same way my most recent post was, and Gemcloben's ADVICE to cosmo. Not to mention, Samanime's rant on Kingofpawns. Which was made to raise awareness of literally a mad TopTens user.

Please reply to this letter, either in the comments below, or in the form of a post. I don't mind which. I just want to make sure this gets read.

Yours Sincerely


1. The Terms of Use of this site state that users are not to post content to this site that is "unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, pornographic, profane, sexually explicit or indecent". Admitting you are breaking a rule before doing so doesn't negate the action that follows. That would be like telling someone you are going to punch them before actually doing it. If anything, it demonstrates wanton disregard.

2. We are not stopping people from giving fair criticism. We are only asking they do so without personally attacking other members of the site.

3. 100 lists is admirable and we truly appreciate the contributions users make to the site. If you want to gauge a user's contribution to the site by the number of lists they have created, that is up to you. It does seem a little unfair to the people behind the curtain who have spent tens of thousands of hours over almost a decade not only building and maintaining the site, but also moderating the millions of submissions it has received.

4. Gemcloben's post was not deleted by us. It was returned to him so he could either bring it in line with the terms or delete it himself. As stated before, samanime post was removed because it was a copy and paste conversation between two members of the site that included a hurtful discussion about a third member of the site. - admin

1. My post didn't do any of these. Apart from swearing. And I mean, come on.

2. I wasn't attacking anyone specific.

3. Alright, you got me. But still, I think everyone on this site should at least come to an agreement.

4. Then how come my post wasn't returned to me? - IronSabbathPriest

In fact, I probably insulted myself more than anyone else in the post. By calling myself a F***ing c*** - IronSabbathPriest

1. "Apart from swearing"...

2. We never claimed you did. You said "I wish to give my fair criticism to things inside and out of this site". We said that's fine.

3. Unfortunately, that will never happen. The "policy" is a product of the stream of complaints we were receiving from users of the site about how they were being treated by other members. Given that there is no way to make everyone happy all the time, we have to make decisions based on what we feel is in the best interest of the site as a whole.

4. It has now been returned. - admin

So my post was deleted for saying two words. TWO WORDS. - IronSabbathPriest

That were aimed at MYSELF. - IronSabbathPriest

This chain is golden.

Admin, if this policy is reaching the best interest as a whole, explain why my petition has 30+ signatures, Gemcloben's (which has been up for a day only) has 20+ signatures AND why these signatures are from high-profile people such as PositronWildhawk and PetSounds. Some of the signatures are even from people who were claiming that they were "bullied" before the policy.

"We are not stopping people from giving fair criticism. We are only asking they do so without personally attacking other members of the site".
How does that work? How can you criticise someone without...criticising someone? To "fairly criticise someone" you need to tell them that some aspect is bad/needs improvement, and that's exactly what Gemcloben's post about Cosmo was about. Most people agreed with the post and it was still removed. Same with Samanime's KingofPawns post. How is that considered "attacking a member? " - Puga

@admin, I forgot to mention "it would be like telling someone you're going to punch them before doing it."

How's that a bad thing? It would give the victim a chance to run away. If you know what I mean. - IronSabbathPriest

@IronSabbathPriest, the analogy implies that you still punch them. - admin

30 petitions constitutes less than 1% of the number of members who have signed in to TheTopTens in the last 30 days. The total number of members who signed in constitutes a much smaller percentage of the number of unique visitors who came to TheTopTens in that same time period.

Less than a percent of a percent does not equal "most people" by any stretch of the imagination. So, while we do appreciate that not all visitors are equal in regards to their contributions to this site, it would be folly of us to rely on a vocal minority to determine policy. - admin

Admin, more than half of the users signing in half contributed little to none to this site. Check the users online right now and see what percentage have at least ten member score points. - Puga

Lots of the people who have accounts on TTT mainly vote and do nothing else to contribute to TheTopTens. There are certain to be users who don't like each other. This is the Internet, and this is a website based off of OPINIONS. If you're blocking some of our blog posts just because they have a few swears in them, you're basically blocking an entire opinion, an entire point that was meant to be made on here. Expect a few flame wars when the immature Internet users and the mature Internet users mix. Remember, lots of people went on here to express their opinions in anonymity.

And about the "Less than 1% of users have signed the petition". I can guarentee 95% of the users on this website don't give two f***s about the policy, and that 90% don't even know what it is. Take all of the users who are ACTIVE MEMBERS (meaning they go on at least once every two days) and see if they've signed the petition.

If you want to block opinions, then you're basically blocking off the whole purpose of this website. - Turkeyasylum

I agree with Turkyasylum... If you block opinions, then you basically remove the point of this website. Also, why ban a post that has a few swear words in it? Are you going to make this site "Child Friendly" now? I guess we should use random phrases like "Pizza Steve" to swear, now. Wait... That's swearing! Should we also ban random phrases? Oh wait... ANY WORD can become a swear word! Oh, I know! Let's ban WORDS! Yeah, I like it! BAN WORDS! Now, NOBODY can get offended!

Come on, do it! BAN TYPING so nobody gets offended! - visitor

"The analogy implies you still punch them"
You wouldn't have been able to punch them if they ran away. - Puga

"We have to make desicions based on what we feel is the best interest of this site."

Admin, interests change. I used to appreciate your policies, but then you took it too far by deleting comments I APPROVED in the moderation section for "profanity". That takes away the whole purpose of moderating comments. And also, you've been making some stupid desicions on this part. JaysTop10List is afraid of his account being deleted. Therandom is afraid of his account being deleted. Even I'm a little afraid of my account being deleted. The only way to make this end is by scrapping everything added to your policies on February 26, 2015. - Turkeyasylum

When I saw what admin said "30 petitions constitutes less than 1% of the number of members who have signed in to TheTopTens in the last 30 days," I felt sick to my stomach. It pains me that all of these red flags keep popping up for the policy and you find a speck of white so you can say it's not a red flag. Every devoted member of this site agrees the the policy should be destroyed. The users who didn't see it
1. Were second accounts and the users just logged in to check on them and logged back out
2. Were people that are new to the site or don't spend nearly the amount of time on this site (those kinds of members are about 90% of the members)it takes to know about, see, and form an opinion about the policy or
3. Are a devoted member who just didn't see the petition.
Even if only 1% of people who signed in signed the petition, that doesn't mean 1% of the site disagrees with it. With all the scenarios I listened, the amount of devoted members who agree with the policy are about 10%, not 99%, and the amount of people who disagree are about 90%, not 10%. Are those "white" flags starting to show more red yet? - Songsta41

@Songsta can't wait till admin replies to this! - Puga

Can you simplify? I have no idea what you're saying... - thisisaveryrandomusername88

Admin, I think most people want the policy scrapped. TWO petitions were made, and puga's petition got more than enough signatures. You should honor it. And if gemcloben's gets a ton of signatures,
You need to scrap the policy. Please don't get rid of my account. - Therandom

They won't. You get a warning before they get rid of your account. - IronSabbathPriest

Got one already... - Therandom

It was a long time ago but still. - Therandom

We're not allowed to swear anymore? Even if it isn't offending anyone?

Wait a minute. Where am I exactly? - NuMetalManiak

Admin, I'm sorry, but the policy is crap and most users hate it (me included) so please scrap it. It even had a petition that got more than enough signatures. It is just making more people angry which the whole point of the policy was to protect people, so it is obviously not working. Also, why won't you delete the list of "Worst LittleBigPlanet 2 Members". It is really mean and unlike other lists you deleted, it was actually meant to offend people. - RalphBob

Ralph Bob nails it as always. - Therandom

This website... Admin, I know you worked hard for this website but this is a place where we could share anything, even if it's vulgar or very offensive. Sure,that person might get offended but whadda expect? It's a for sharing - JaysTop10List

To be fair, the admins have said, "Keep it PG and we'll keep it on the site," since I signed up about two years ago. That hasn't changed.

I like you, IronSabbathPriest, but calling yourself derogatory names isn't a very good way to make a point. - PetSounds

That's a decent point, but Admin has deleted entire posts for swearing. Instead, they should censor swears like this:
F*** - Turkeyasylum

Also, when I did swear. It was supposed to be sarcastic. - IronSabbathPriest

Sure, but most of my comments disappeared, even if I have'nt swore at all. - visitor

Why do you guys want to swear so much? What's so great about it? - RockFashionista

We're well 'ard. - IronSabbathPriest

And why do you cut yourself? - Therandom

Swearing should be allowed but moderated. You should be able to swear every once in a while. I made a post and it only had one curse word which was in a song title and it was returned to me. What the hell? - bobbythebrony

I definitely agree. Admin has made some good choices in the past but also a lot of bad ones. If I swear, I never use anything worse than hell or damn. - visitor

Hell or damn aren't really swear words. - IronSabbathPriest

Adding to my prior comment (which is being moderated, and probably, disapproved). Note that the children I mentioned, they weren't just attacking fandom, they were attacking fans of the fandom. They were outright calling people awful and offensive names, but you let their remarks fly without regards. I sincerely hope you'll rethink your policy, Mr. "Admin". - ActuallySensible

Admin is a sir. Heather is married to the creator of this website. Heather enjoys spending time with her husband. - visitor

I remember the time when the whole community was so fed up with admin. We need something like that to happen again. - Therandom

I honestly thought this would've died down by now. But here we are, two years later - IronSabbathPriest

Well admin is way worse than he was then. - Therandom

Aye this was pretty fun - IronSabbathPriest

I wonder how much u cringe at your anti-policy stance lol - visitor