Rant on Admin

Ah yes, the rant on admin, a rant that is long overdue. Now, where to start? Oh, I know.

Throughout my career in TTT, I have generally opposed all of admin's changes and rules, because I didn't agree with them. However, I have noticed that each year, admin has gotten stricter, and this year, admin has practically gone insane in my opinion. Suspensions that make no sense, poor explanation and support of the policy, technical glitches, etc. Basically, I am saying admin is at his worst right now, and that his incompetentence and terrible job of being an admin is severely dragging down this site. Now, there are three main areas I want to focus on: The Policy, Suspensions, Admin's Inability to Listen to Criticisms of Users, and Other Matters regarding the site.

The policy: The policy, arguably one of the worst things to ever happen to TTT. It was created in February 2015, and at that time, due to the War at the end of 2014 and other matters, such as (insert user) abuse, many users thought the policy wasn't a bad idea. However, once No Hate Week came around, users began to realize that Admin was slowly taking away our ability to criticize other users. Some may argue it had to be constructive, Admin even prevented constructive criticism, as posts that criticized the behavior of other users, such as Samanime's Rant on a particular user(admin doesn't even allow you to name users when criticizing them), and even comments that criticized users. In addition, users began to notice the policy was broken and an attempt to "make the site PG," as admin also banned swearing, and also deleted other things he claimed violated the terms of use, but didn't necessarily apply to what part of the terms he said they violated. This led to a massive protest by users, but admin refused to listen, and practically said that their opinions are insignificant. As a result, protest against the policy died, due to the actions of two particular users that year, distracting users from matters regarding the policy. However, come 2016, admin's enforcement of the policy got stricter, and things that he let go before, he did not let go anymore. Users pointed out the flaws and inconsistencies in his rulings and suspensions, but admin simply ignored them, refusing to even respond to criticism, unlike 2015. Fast forward to 2017, admin's enforcement of the policy is practically dictator like, where suspension lengths are unreasonable, reasons for suspension don't add up, criticism of the slightest isn't even allowed anymore, and swearing will get you suspended now. Many of you are wondering what the "inconsistencies" are, so I'll give some examples. A notable example is the swearing rule. Admin was never fond of swearing for some reason, even in 2015, but he would simply delete something if it had an uncensored swear. It's bad enough he didn't censor it, but he was unlikely to suspended you. Fast forward to 2017, two users have been suspended for swearing, despite him never doing so in 2015, which can apply to the bias surrounding the policy, but that will be covered more in the suspension section. In addition, admin was fine when users called a user a hypocrite in 2015, but flash forward to 2017, and suddenly, I'm not allowed to use that word, which contributed to my suspension. In addition, Admin will suspend users for jokes, even if the user proclaims they are ok with it. Why would you suspend a user for a joke if it doesn't even offend anyone? The evidence of the policy being broken is simple, see all the users that were banned during admin's banning spree this year, and you'll see that users who have never commited suspendable offenses before were suspended, with one user being banned for actually nothing. If the point isn't clear, this part of the rant explains how the policy is broken, and that admin should severely change it, or scrap it completely.

Suspensions: Suspensions are arguably the biggest problem regarding Admin, for two simple reasons: The inconsistency in punishments, and the bias surrounding them. In the cases regarding suspension, bias and inconsistencies often go hand and hand with one another. The bias of admin's suspensions have been pointed out by countless users, with even PositronWildhawk, a user who usually doesn't have any problems with admin, agreeing that there is bias. Arguably the most notable instance of bias is a particular user you know I was never fond(admin will find a way to ban me for naming him). In August, as a visitor, he posted death threats against me, and did so again in September. You think admin would've deleted the account he possessed(he couldn't use it because it was hacked), but instead of undergoing any form of punishment, admin decided to let him create a new account. When I questioned him on this on a list, he said "Based on the circumstances surrounding the user's actions, we felt it was appropriate that we give him another chance." So admin basically said here that the death threats didn't matter. In addition, the user uses his new account to make three seasons worth of pornographic content, which also featured deaths of users he didn't like. I attack him for this, and not only does he suffer no reprocusions for it, but only I get suspended, and he gets to walk off scott free. It was simply for another incident all together that he was suspended for. In addition, during his suspension, he was allowed to make another account during his suspension, which was not deleted, and instead of it being deleted like all other duplicate accounts(which caused a perms ban for one user), he instead allowed the user to make posts on the duplicate account. Eventually, the user left in January, but all of admin's actions surrounding the whole event show that he is indeed biased. This is not the only instance of bias, as there are many more, but I will point out two more instances, which show the inconsistency of suspension rules. From what users have told me, there are some users who have received two warnings after a first suspension, while another user has told me he only received one after his first suspension. If this doesn't show bias or inconsistency, I don't know what is. In addition, another instance of bias is very recent. As we know, two users were banned for swearing, but one user used an uncensored swear on a post, admin simply decided to censor(something he never does but should)it instead of deleting the comment like he usually does, and only deleted the comment when I pointed this out. Now, a common consistency I've know regarding suspensions and things that go against the terms of use is that users who support the policy are generally treated better, and are less likely to suffer a punishment, even if it actually is a suspendable offense, while users who are against it or even neutral on it, are treated worse and are more likely to get suspended, often for stupid reasons. Now, some of you may agree with the need of a policy, but you cannot deny that there is bias surrounding admin's suspensions.

Unwillingness to listen to users: In 2015, this wasn't a problem, when someone had a suggestion or criticism of the site, admin listened, and actually responded to the criticism or idea. Flash forward to 2016, Admin refused to respond to criticism or new ideas for the site, and simply said that one had to PM him. Now, I can understand not wanting to answer it publicly, but admin answered publicly all the time in 2015, so why the refusal to suddenly respond to things publicly? It is because admin is afraid of the backlash he might face, because he knows that the majority of the community has turned against him, and he wants to tell himself that his ideas and rules are working, when in reality, they are outdated and need to be changed. So here is a suggestion for admin: Next time a user criticizes you or suggests something, respond to it publicly, that way, everyone can see it. However, you will likely disregard my advice, and won't even respond to this post at all. I dare you admin, respond to this, I'll have something to say.

Other Issues Regarding the Site: This may be a less evident issue regarding admin, because his policy and bias often surround him with more controversy. Now, while I'll admit, he somewhat manages the site decently technically speaking, but there are still issues surrounding it. For example, I was working on a blog, and I know I saved it, but on the next day, when I went to work on it, half of my work was gone. This was obviously a glitch, because there's no other way half my work was deleted, because I know I did nothing that would've caused its deletion. In addition, I sometimes have trouble saving my blogs, and I have had to restart multiple part of my blogs because it wouldn't save, or at some points, it wouldn't even submit. Honestly, there is no excuse it didn't save or submit, none at all, especially when there are more complicated measures regarding the site. There are other changes admin made throughout the years that I didn't like, but I've gotten used to them at this point, so no point in rehashing them. However, there is one final point I will address regarding the site, the stat system. Let's face it, the stats are broken. Making tons of effortless remixes will give you higher stats than an HQ blog, and overall, the placement really doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully admin will at the very least address these issues, because I'm positive he won't do anything about the other three.

There you have it, my rant on admin. Care to share your thoughts. Oh, and don't be surprised if I'm suspended for this because I named a user ONCE in this, and because I said I wasn't fond of a particular user, or just because I criticized the administration. If I am suspended, admin will prove that he is biased.


first - Frodomar49

I hope you are not suspended for this. Great rant, I agree with practically all of this. - DCfnaf

"Unwillingness to listen to users": With the growth of the site, admin prefers to have all personal suggestions set in one place where he can browse through and reply if the idea is worth it. I do agree with the rest though. Stellar rant, you went all out on this. - ProPanda

Wouldn't it be easier to respond in public rather than scroll through messages.

I had to, admin needs to be exposed. - Therandom

Actually, no. I'd rather have my messages in one spot, then going through various webpages checking to see if anyone has feedback. Remember, in 2015, there weren't that many lists, so it was easier to monitor everything. Now, admin has many more things to worry about. - ProPanda

Well maybe admin should hire more people if it's such an issue. - Therandom

How much profit-money do you think the site makes? Probably enough to give every one on the admin board a middle class life.Hiring more people would ruin the income all the current employees are getting. - ProPanda

I'm sure hiring one or two more admins would be too much of an affect. - Therandom

*wouldn't - Therandom

I can see where you're coming from, but I disagree. Still, great rant. - ProPanda

Thanks. - Therandom

Therandom's offering to be admin for free and admin still won't take that offer up. - TwilightKitsune

Not anymore. - Therandom

Great rant. Admin needs to fix all of this. - Powerfulgirl10

You deserve a cookie.

Here: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/4a/e8/84/4ae88495712e842650752212c2f97194.jpg - TwilightKitsune

Admin is not love, admin is not life, admin is not shrek, but he's still a child molester. - Skullkid755

This comment appeared..Jeez - Ananya

TheTopTens Unfunny Moments Compilation #1 - Puga

It annoys me how poorly this site is administrated. Nice rant. - visitor

It's still actually quite decent. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if they made a simple mistake such as forgetting to approve lists for about a week? - styLIShT

Well mixed Matt - Neonco31

Well. I am on your side when it comes to technical glitches and whatnot. They need to be fixed. But you pretty much know my thoughts overall due to what I sent you in PM

I'm just not bothered anymore. People can swear all they want and admin can suspend them all they want. No skin off my ass. I tried to change things too back in 2015 but what we need to realise is we have no real power here. I've been on loads of sites and this is the only one where people actively hate the admins. My advice: make the best of what's left of this site. - IronSabbathPriest

We have no power because admin doesn't care about the members of the site. If he actually cared, he'd make compromises. He wasn't this bad in 2015, he actually compromised, and cancelled no hate week. - Therandom

True. That was a horrible idea. But it's stuff like the terms of use that have been there since the sites creation that I think aren't worth opposing anymore. We've tried for 2 years. I think it's fair to say we lost. - IronSabbathPriest

I felt it was necessary to rant on it in my opinion. Also, we can rally as many people against admin, that way to show him users don't like him. - Therandom

Although the policy on trolling is flawed I will admit - IronSabbathPriest

Thank you. If you don't care about admin, thts fine, I just thought you'd want to see. - Therandom

That's what I'm trying to get across, I'm neutral about it. And thanks for posting I guess. - IronSabbathPriest

I kinda guessed it already, sort of. - Therandom

Good rant, the policy needs to either change or go - Martinglez

This should be an HQ blog in my opinion. - Therandom

It probably will be to be honest. He takes like two months to approve them though (one of my complaints against admin) - ProPanda

Well I dunno Propanda, it's a post ranting about him. - Therandom

Puga's suggestions for admin n stuff post achieved HQ status, so I think this one can as well. - ProPanda

You would think so, but it's admin, so... - Therandom

He probably will. He did it for Puga, a guy who he hates just as much as you, so you don't have to worry - TwilightKitsune

It's HQ. - ProPanda

How do you know? - Therandom

HQ posts appear on the post section of a list. - IronSabbathPriest

Oh. - Therandom

Admin is hate, admin is death - TwilightKitsune

What's the potion trolling? - TwilightKitsune

Godammit I meant to say 'What's the policy in trolling' and it changed it. (I'm using my mom's iPad) - TwilightKitsune

Basically the terms say you are not allowed to promote violent behaviour, but they say nothing about racism. - IronSabbathPriest

I understand the violent behavior one being a rule(the fact that admin didn't punish Danteem for death threats is another story), but yeah, if
It isn't joke, racism probably shouldn't be allowed. Admin doesn't care though. - Therandom

Violence > Racism. Enough said. - visitor

Oops I meant the other way around. Racism > Violence. - visitor

*salute* - Teravolt1422

Look, you would replace admin? - visitor

No. - Therandom

I mean who - visitor

Another instant of bias if any of you care: Mike messaged Admin "heya Dylan Mills" and got a warning for "trolling." VC does the same thing and Admin says "the account is run by multiple members of our staff, how can we be of assistance? " Obviously not attacking anyone(if a certain Admin can't see it), but I am naming users to point out bias. - Therandom

No, because he will call it "trolling" if I do it, but you'll get off scotch free. - Therandom

Because he loves his bae. XOXO - visitor

Ay, your post got approved, man. Either way, my thoughts are pretty much identical to everyone else's on admin and his policy. The administration has truly proven to be inconsistent and contradictory especially this year. And while this isn't related to the website administration, the community's drastic fall into never-ending drama and controversy adds insult to injury on this site's overall major decline this year ever since the implementation of the policy in 2015 and the site's worst year in 2016. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2017 is way worse than 2016 on the site. - Therandom

Oh, I can definitely agree on that one. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Time to point out another flaw in the policy. You guys know that Hollowarrow and speed are brothers, right? So obviously they share the same IP address. So Admin thinks that since he suspended speed, he should also suspend Hollowarrow just for having the same IP Adress. Someone honestly try to defend this. I dare you.

Also don't be surprised if Admin suspended me for mentioning someone's suspension. - Therandom

If one user does something admin doesn't like and another user has their IP address that doesn't mean the other should be suspended. - Skullkid755

*suspends - Therandom

Apparently you aren't even allowed to call a list "awful" anymore, because I said a list was awful, and surprise surprise, you can't say things are awful anymore. Admin, you get increasingly awful each day. - Therandom

Well, that's just great... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Suspend me if you dare admin but... - Neonco31

I think it's just his bias against you because it is clear that he doesn't like you. - DCfnaf

It's ridiculous how biased he is. - Therandom

If that's actually a rule now, then that's ridiculous. So you can't state an opinion on someone else's list now? That's utter stupidity. - DCfnaf

Admin's been trying to get rid of our negative opinions since No Hate Week. - Therandom

I bet people are always making negative comments on people's lists. They just want to get you suspended. - DCfnaf

Worse is that EpicJake was suspended just for having a picture featuring a swear word as his profile pic. He even removed the picture from his profile. How nuts he is! - Neonco31

It has had he c word in it the rudest word in the English lauguage. - visitor

It's not the "rudest" word. - Therandom

There are others considered worse. Personally I don't mind swears, but I don't use them because of a CERTAIN ADMIN. - Therandom

Why couldn't Admin just remove the profile picture and move on with his life? - DCfnaf

Yes it is actually @therandom believe it or not - visitor

It really isn't though. No words are rude. Either everything is rude or nothing is. - Puga

Any thoughts on the image interface?

You can hardly place any new images anymore starting December 2016. However, things got worse as nowadays, only one image can be used for an item rather than 2 or more. If you wish to add a second image, the initial picture would be instantly removed as if it never existed. - CrimsonShark

It prevents stat padding, but at the same time, we are stuck with cancerous images as well. - Therandom

True, but my main intention on images is to create more pages for each item which could connect from one list to another. I intend on an expanding network via images, and it was my preferred way of contribution on the site, until December 2016.

I want items like Death Metal or a random celebrity or a historical figure to have a page of its own, which could lead to the possibility of opening new pathways to other lists.

Call me a stat-padder, but honestly, my main intention is to help, which Admin has slowly stripped away from :/... - CrimsonShark

Look, there is more than one person you use the admin account. you know that right? - visitor

I do. What's your point? - Therandom

My point is that try to regnoise as a group more. - visitor

Call him Dylan Mills lmao - visitor

Me? - visitor

This may be a problem with everyone else, but when I went in to rate more users on the user rating list, I noticed some of my comments criticizing certain users were completely deleted. This is absurd considering some of my other comments criticizing users were allowed to be kept. Inconsistency, I tell you. FML. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Nope, it's not just you. My criticisms of Admin and Blaze were both deleted. - Therandom

For Blaze I said "no explanation needed. 1/10." That I posted today. Surprise, Admin deleted it already. - Therandom

Admin's bias is the reason that was allowed. But if I give Blaze a 1/10, oh well! That gets deleted! And if you post it again, suspension! - Therandom

I'm complaining about his criticism being pathetic - Puga

Oh. - Therandom

@wonkey Ridiculous. - Therandom

Therandom gets his simple explanation deleted, but MSS gets to keep his long explanation? - DCfnaf

Bias at its finest. - Therandom

And admin deleted my ratings of him and Blaze. Ridiculous. Now we're not even allowed to give low ratings. Unbelievable. - Therandom

It's happening to everyone. I actually got a terms of use violation warning for the rating of jack...apparently it's considered "bullying" and admin removed it. - Element119

Just noticed I was suspended once ever year I was here. Basically, I'll be safe for the rest of the year, but come 2018, I won't be able to do anything. Cause with my luck I'll end up getting terminated. - Therandom

If you get a warning or something, start a new account. - ProPanda

It'll carry over. - Therandom

I know a kid who got banned from a porn site for being too horny. He also got arrested for raping some people. He only likes the locker rooms of the prison but I don't know why. Glad I haven't been in the same room as him though. - Skullkid755

I like admin - Andre57

I definitely don't. Second worst user ever. - Therandom

Admin is bae <3 - visitor

No. - Therandom

I kinda agree with MOST of the policy - visitor

Newsflash if you don't like it then leave thetoptens. Simple. This is unnessary - Andre57

Newsflash since you don't like women come out of the closet. Simple - Puga

Dumb logic - TwilightKitsune

I agree with you my King Andre <3 - visitor

@Andre, you do realize that there are a few reasons I stay, right? - Therandom

I made this rant at the right time it seems, because Admin's latest actions today alone are as bad as you would expect them to be. - Therandom

What did he do yesterday? - Skullkid755

Suspend mike for dumb reasons and gave Element a warning for the dumbest reason ever(won't elloborate because he'll use it as an excuse to suspend me). - Therandom

I don't mind mike's suspension it's the length of it I find messed up. 2 months at most but it's probably his first suspension so 1 month in that case. Most of what jack did was on band so if he gets suspended here but not on band then that's messed up too. - Skullkid755

Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=yPFRpGMf-qU

explains how I feel about admin...

(sorry if it's obvious) - Neonco31

Also I think I might do another rant solely on Admin's awful suspension system based on him suspending a user for the actions of his brother today. - Therandom

Never mind, turns out I was wrong about this particular suspension. Doesn't excuse the other ones though. - Therandom

This site is so glitchy. It really pisses me off some days. Nice post. - visitor

I was going to write a long speech about this but I'll keep it short and say: I'm fed up. - Britgirl

About Admin? - Therandom

Absolutely. - Britgirl

Is it becauss of the policy and bias or the technical stuff, or both? - Therandom

I'm not so much bothered about the policy; it's mainly their deletion of relevant and valid comments and that they keep changing my English way of spelling to American (nothing against USA but I happen to be English) Some things they do annoy me more than they used to. - Britgirl

That annoys me too. Even if my comment is relevant to the list, it's deleted because "it's irrelevant to the item." And he always corrects abbreviations too. - Therandom

No one says "dā" any more, yet admin always corrects it to the. It's stupid and problematic when you type things like "yer dā" or "Dā Vinci" and it's corrected to yer the or the Vinci. - Puga

*Sigh* I think he enjoys his job a little too much. - Britgirl

Yeah, that's annoying.

His favorite part is suspending anti policy users. - Therandom

Hear hear. - Britgirl

I'm on my final warning just for having fun. No shtt. - AlphaQ

The good news is that none of the admins beat their meat. - AlphaQ

Because they don't have any to beat - SoldierOfFortune

My only problem with him is that he's too strict. I was having some fun on the site and goofing around while admin got [triggered] by my pretty harmless actions because I wasn't being serious and sent me my final warning. Apparently this shtt is getting out of hand. Some of my friends have been suspended for something the didn't do and the samples can't be played on an iPhone X (my new phone) so this has been a problem for me lately.

Admin, if you're reading this, you gotta calm the fck down. Not all of us are being serious and you've gotta be more open to jokes and stuff. Also try to be less bias and please fix the glitches I mentioned. - AlphaQ

The way the policy is enforced and the moderation system makes no sense. - iliekpiez

I know this is old but admin needs to see this. - DarkBoi-X