Top 10 Reasons Why Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Justin Bieber

Before I begin with this list, READ THIS CAREFULLY. I know that this would be controversial, but since a list called why bieber is better than hitler has been made. To be fair, there should be a counterbalancing list because everyone has pros and cons. I know how much I'd disagree with this list, because I only think they're just equally evil in different ways. I'd expect controversy about this list, and I don't mean to offend any Germans and Jews. Please don't misinterpret this list as a Nazi list or what. Because that's not what I meant in making this list. I did not mean this list as a joke. Just giving pros and cons. If you want, call this list "Reasons how Hitler COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER than Justin Bieber." So there.

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1 Hitler fought for his country

Justin Bieber wasn't even that nationalistic. In fact, he brought shame to his country.

He did, but it's mostly because of his racist policies. The thing is, he brought glory to his country even for a short time. You can't deny that despite the fact that Hitler got defeated.

He fights for the German people! - CerealGuy

Ok, so this is right? " Hey, look over there, God's chosen people. Lets go kill all of them! " - tbell4ever

Did Disney1994 make this at the reqest of Rock Fashionista? lol - ProPanda

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2 Justin Bieber is alive

Worst list ever. There are no reasons Hitler is better. None of these are legit reasons. Such a Nazi influenced list... - gemcloben

A message to all of you sensitive sissies in the comment section here. Responding to lists like this is a waste of time. If you read the god damn description, you'd see that the author disagrees with his OWN LIST and made it to balance the other one. (This is coming from someone who is accused of being hypersensitive and seems to be doing a great job at being less hypersensitive.). So stop getting offended by this. It's showing STRENGHS That Hitler had Over Bieber. - DCfnaf

Haters, stop complaining about this list, it's his opinion so you should respect them, I hate both, but Hitler is worse, but you should respect his opinion, even if you disagree

Let them oppose me. After all, they also have opinions against this list.

This item doesn't even make sense. - drdevil

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3 Hitler was smarter

He completely knew what he was doing. The only stupid thing he did was to invade the Soviet Union on winter.

Yes I must admit this is obviously true - bobbythebrony

I have to agree with this. Hitler knew what he wanted to do and took action on it in a serious way. (Not saying that hitler was a good person)

Justin Biebers brain needs to be seen in a microscope - Nateawesomeness

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4 Hitler is brave

He was brave enough create a newer and greater nation than the former German Empire. Not to mention that he was almost able to conquer the whole of Europe if not for some of his stupid generals.

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5 Hitler rebuilt Germany
6 Hitler broke free from the international banking cartels

At least he rid his country from the Rothschilds lol - 2cool4u

7 Hitler committed suicide because he knew that he failed

It's better to admit failure. Justin Bieber can't admit that.

Yeah, I heard about this in 4th grade history. - RockFashionista

Suicide is the most pathetic thing you can possibly do. The fact that Hitler did it makes him even more hated in my eyes. - Garythesnail

I hate evil people who die of natural causes more than evil people who die of suicide and assassination.

Hitler knows he failed,he is smart,Justin Bieber doesn't know he failed,he's dumb - Nateawesomeness

8 Hitler has respect for his supporters

As long as the supporters do what they're supposed to do, Hitler has respect for them. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, treats his fans as if they're not humans by spitting at them.

9 Hitler had more fans

Well, I wouldn't call Nazis Hitler's fans, only his followers.

What IS THIS LIST I'm SO SHOCKED AT WHY SOMEONE WOULD ACTUALLY BE STUPID ENOUGH TO MAKE THIS? Hitler didn't have fans so much as insane idiots who thought it was right to kill millions of people. Anyway, just because someone has more fans does NOT make them a better person, I can't stress this enough. Hitler having a lot of fans DOES. NOT. MAKE. HIM. A. BETTER. PERSON. - pjo

HA HA HA HA HA - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

10 Hitler's name sounds cooler

Hitler sounds like a person who hits people,Bieber sounds like beaver. - SamuiNeko

I have trouble spelling Justin's surmame. Hitler is a pretty straightforward last name. This is the only reason I can find to say Hitler is better than JB. - Britgirl

I will admit, JB has an incredibly terrible last name. - Therandom

Now you can't disagree with this one! :D

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? He has a German accent

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11 Hitler emphasized respect for women, children, animals
12 Hitler created a thriving economy with no unemployment
13 Hitler banned experimentation on animals
14 Hitler eliminated crime and improved health of German people
15 Hitler used his charisma in getting his followers, Justin Bieber used his looks V 1 Comment
16 Justin Bieber is a coward and likes cowards

While Hitler hated cowards. He wants brave soldiers who fight for his country.

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17 Hitler has a better singing voice

I can't really say anything about this, but he does have a better and more powerful voice.

18 Justin Bieber did not kill to make people get pissed at him

Being evil is not all about killing. If Justin Bieber actually killed people and at the same time making this type of "music", I don't know what kind of infamous reputation he'd get. He may have been worse than Hitler.

Right, because making terrible music is worse than the Holocaust. Seriously, this is one of the worst lists I've seen. - Therandom

If I was to conquer the White House, I would use lethal force. It would be unfortunate, but it would be for the greater good. Once I had control, unlike Hitler, I would treat everyone good, and I would have troops protect everyone from criminals. - Therandom

I like you, Jared, but if I had only seen this list of yours, I'd consider you the biggest troll on this site. Terrible. - Garythesnail

Yeah, because Hitler is like a saint compared to Justin. YEAH I GET IT! - Neonco31

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19 Hitler never was addicted to drugs
20 Hitler saved Germany.

He almost saved Germany from the a communist invasion

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