Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is a Good Show

The Top Ten

1 Great Plot

I respect your opinion Garythesnail - EpicJake

2 Creative

It is really creative! - funnyuser

3 Likable Characters

Marceline is my love. When my baby suffers I suffer to. Don't tell me vampires are monsters, the fact they're cold and with no heartbeat-being undead-doesn't mean they can't have feelings. Plus she was so cute as a little half human/half demon girl, such a darling!

4 Heartwarming Episodes
5 Good Comedy
6 Original
7 It's One of the Few Good Modern Cartoons
8 It Uses Fantasy Elements Correctly
9 Clever Jokes
10 It Has Good Writing

The Contenders

11 The Voice Actors
12 Mysterious
13 It Uses Toilet Humor Correctly
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