Top 10 Reasons Why After Forever by Black Sabbath Didn't Create Christian Metal

I've read many cringe worthy statements about how Black Sabbath created each and every metal subgenre - from death metal to power metal. There are such statements on this site and also other sites, such as YouTube and some less known sites/forums.

Saying that "After Forever by Black Sabbath Created Christian Metal" is a ridiculous and annoying exaggeration (one of the many).

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Here are my reasons why "After Forever didn't create Christian Metal".

The Top Ten

Christian Metal isn't a music subgenre - it's a group of metal bands from different metal subgenres that use lyrics inspired by Christian books and traditions. How exactly did Black Sabbath invent a non-existing metal subgenre?

If there's no such music genre, what did Black Sabbath invent? - Metal_Treasure

No one can create a music genre based on lyrics because lyrics are from a different genre - literature. Music uses notes. Literature uses words.
If you believe the song After Forever created a music genre because of the lyrics, by this logic you have to admit The Bible was the first Christian Metal act

ChristianMetalFest- Now, we've got the Apostles with their new hit - "Bible! " - SoldierOfFortune

There were many rock songs with Christian lyrics before After Forever, so nothing new under the sun

In the 60s there were many rock songs with Christian lyrics by different musicians, who were often related to the hippie movement. - Metal_Treasure

An entire rock album with Christian lyrics was released in 1969, i.e. before After Forever (1971).

Arguably the first Christian rock album is Upon This Rock by Larry Norman released in 1969. - Metal_Treasure

Ian Gillan of Deep Purple sang many songs with Christian lyrics for the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar (1970), released before After Forever (1971).

Ian Gillan was the original singer hired for the role of Jesus Christ in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This rock opera /concept album was a huge success and was turned into a Broadway musical in 1971 and into a film in 1973.
Even though the album was called rock opera, Gillan vocal style was metal whereas Ozzy vocal style on After Forever wasn't. - Metal_Treasure

Black Sabbath also wrote songs with lyrics that didn't please the Christians
The Bible was created before After Forever
Music is more important than the lyrics when we talk about a music genre

I created a metaphore in order to explain better what I mean: music is like a T-bone steak, lyrics are like side dishes / salads. You can eat your steak without salads (metal instrumentals). But if you're a vegetarian, you can stay on salad (reading Christian books). No problem with this, as long as you don't think your green salad is a steak... - Metal_Treasure

After Forever isn't even a metal song

Definitely not a metal song for me. Nothing speaks metal - it's a pretty soft and melodic rock song that lacks aggression and intensity. The song is easy listening - nothing heavy or complex. Nothing mindblowing in its performance - neither the instrumental part nor the vocals.
Just compare this song with other proto-metal songs released in the early 70s and feel the difference between After Forever and the early metal songs:
Deep Purple - Burn, Hard Lovin' Man. - Metal_Treasure

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