Top 10 Reasons Why the Age of Consent Should Not Be Raised to 20

DISCLAIMER: I in no way think we should lower the age of consent to 17, 16 or even lower (I don't encourage that at all but I definitely don't encourage that we raise it too high to 20 or even 21 because humans physically become adults at 18).

I am aware that most 18-year-olds aren't mature enough to handle certain situations but here's a little advice from me. If you are going to date someone that young, don't manipulate them. Help them out with experience and try to save sex for when you both get married because they might not be sexually experienced yet.

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1 20-Year-Olds Still Aren't Legal Enough to Do Anything

In many ways I agree with this list. There are some people right now trying to raise a lot of 18+ things to 21+ things right now, and it's kind of silly, like if you're really gonna just not let 18 year olds have any adult privileges than just raise the adult age back up to 21, it's that simple. - RogerWatersfan1999

Exactly. It should be noted that I mentioned in a comment on my old account that my sister's 20-year-old boyfriend was in a children's hospital last year. They didn't let him back in after he turned 21. Just wanna point that out there.

2 Your Body is Still Developing at 20
3 Just Because 18-Year-Olds Have 'Teen' in the Age Name Doesn't Mean They're Children
4 18-Year-Olds Should At Least Have a Few Adult Privileges
5 18-Year-Olds Are Physically Adults
6 Some 18-Year-Olds Are Mature Enough
7 It Would Do a Lot of Harm to the Porn Industry
8 Most 18-Year-Olds Are Perfectly Capable of Making Decisions
9 Maturity Differs in People
10 It May Lead to Crime

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11 It Might Encourage 18-Year-Olds to Have Sex with Underage Teens

I'm just saying that if 18-year-olds were treated like children then that would literally mean sexual relationships between 18-year-olds and underage teens would be normalized and it's something we don't want to encourage it actually is pedophilia.

And I'm not saying we should allow teen sex to happen, it's just that 18-year-olds really shouldn't be dating minors because it isn't normal.

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