Top 10 Reasons Why AJR Sucks


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1 They Sound Annoying

Yep, definitely. - PhenomentalOne

2 Their music sounds like it was made by a 40 year old homeless man

Really? Who knows, there may be homeless, 40-year-old artists that make good music but are unknown. - PhenomentalOne

3 They have no potential

I mean, they're actively ripping off Jon Bellion (who is a genius, might I add) and they do have a fanbase, so that's still a question. They could never make good music, but there's a chance that they might stick around for too long. - PhenomentalOne

Again, ripping off of Jon Bellion

4 Weak sounded worse the Love Yourself

You're saying that as if Love Yourself IS the worst song ever made, in which case, you've seen nothing, my friend. - PhenomentalOne

5 They have never made a good song

Can't argue with that. - PhenomentalOne

6 Their album covers look really dumb
7 They have a really dumb name

Not quite, it's kinda easy to understand it. - PhenomentalOne

8 They managed to be worse than Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn't the worst artist of all time, not even in the top 10. Stop comparing them to him. - PhenomentalOne

PLEASE don't hate me for this but it is true. JB has done something with his career and is actually known - B0S5J4M3S

9 Their singer's voice sounds like a 15 year old

They have 3 singers, which one are you talking about? - PhenomentalOne

10 They have done nothing with their career

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11 They’re mainstream hipster garbage who appropriate black music.
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1. They Sound Annoying
2. Their music sounds like it was made by a 40 year old homeless man
3. Weak sounded worse the Love Yourself


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