Top Ten Reasons Why Alaska Airlines is the Best Airline Ever

The Top Ten

1 It Has the Best Crew

Danteem's only good list. - cosmo

2 It Has the Best Planes
3 It Has the Best Customer Services
4 Their Last Plane Crash is on January 30, 2000 Flight 261
5 They Repainted Horizon Air's CRJ-700s and Q400s

Horizon retired their CRJ-700s and Alaska and Delta brought them. Also the Alaska livery looks a lot better than the Horizon one. - Linnea

6 They Can Fly Through Terrible Weather Easily
7 They Have the Most Skilled Pilots

They always know what their doing. - Linnea

8 They Have Good Wifi on Their Planes

The 737-900ERs has the best compared to the 737-900s, 737-800s, and 737-700s. - Linnea

9 They are Safer than Any Airlines

No wonder my parents prefer Alaska Airlines, it is safer than any other airlines. I agree this is the best airline because I went on one of the planes before.

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10 They Ordered 50 737 MAXs
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