Reasons Why All TV Shows Suck

I'm making a new list about why ALL TV shows are objectively awful.

The Top Ten Reasons Why All TV Shows Suck

1 They're always stereotypical

A few Stereotypes aren't that bad like in Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum is stereotyped as the damsel in distress and Benson as the no-nonsense boss though he saves Mordecai and Rigby's ass sometimes but too much stereotypes can be annoying. - AlphaQ

I Can't Believe You Came Back. No One Likes You. Why Won't You Leave Permanently! We Tell You to Leave But You Refuse to Just Do It. Harvey Beaks is Getting Cancelled Because of You.

Stereotypes are a natural thing. Stop. They're always going to be in there - Ededdneddyfanredux

Hypocritical to say of the least.

2 They're always boring

With as lame as shows are why does Comcast/Xfinity charge so much? It's like paying an arm & leg for garbage. It's not worth it.

Adventure Time and Regular Show are NOT boring. They are badass just like Family Guy. But I know Adventure Time and Regular Show are not your types since they were supposed to be adult cartoons. You new favorite show should be Gumball. Not many people hate it so you'll be fine. - AlphaQ

Seriously? Considered boring is a possible choice of opinion. It doesn't even matter. - Ededdneddyfanredux

If they are then no one would actually enjoy them in the first place! - Neonco31

3 They're always annoying

Kind of like this damn list!

Boring and annoying are not the same thing. It's like squares and rectangles all boring things are annoying in some way but not all annoying things are boring. Look your're not going to get anywhere by making lists like this where everything is ripped apart for some minor flaw in something. Not all T.V. shows are created equal, therefore it might be in your best interests to avoid looking at everything as awful. Sometimes, life sucks but there is always a way out of the hole that you are in.

Annoying? You're the one to talk! - Neonco31

I think Liv and Maddie is annoying. - anonygirl

4 They always have terrible fanbases

Steven Universe, Loud House, Gravity Falls have TERRIBLE fanbases even though I LOVE those shows, but not all fanbases are toxic!

I actually didn't add this one originally. But it is STILL true! - Disney1994

Some of them do. Some don't. So I kinda agree with this item. - EpicJake

I don't blame him for adding this. It's true. - Powerfulgirl10

5 They're always unrealistic

They're not even meant for reality, they are meant to take their scopes OUTSIDE it! - Neonco31

I'm assuming you've never heard of reality T.V.. It's trash fiction is to make people escape reality something you don't understand.

That makes them better - 445956

6 They always have bad acting

Not all of them.

Not all of them...

Breaking Bad? , Gravity Falls? , Dragon Ball Z? , THE WALKING DEAD?! - VideoGamefan5

7 They're always badly written

Um... let's see Games of Thrones, Walking Dead, South Park and etc?

You're saying that the greatest cartoon in existence (Avatar) has bad writing? BS.

I can name 100 shows with better writing than Liv and Prickie! - Neonco31

I bet you just made this list because you're butthurt about people hating Liv and Maddie and Teletubbies to the point that you think that if your favorite T.V. shows are considered to suck by everyone, then every T.V. show sucks. That's all your twisted mindset is about. Look, staying on TheTopTens isn't going to do you any good telling by how you continue to drive everyone nuts with your deluded attitude and content. I think it's best to just leave and go get a job at McDonald's or volunteer for community service. Please do these three things: leave, work, and volunteer. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well at least he didn't get grounded just for watching a harmless film called The Wolf of Wall Street. At least it was decent... - AlphaQ

8 They're always cliched and formulaic

Learn the definition of formulaic :/ A lot of cartoons aren't formulaic, though some (such as most preschool cartoons, Scooby Doo, and Phineas and Ferb) are.

MLP, House of Anubis, Tom and Jerry, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe aren't, they are adventurous, full of intensity and thriller, and have distinct plots. Who would even bother to watch Liv and Maddie? - Neonco31

Isn't that the point of a T.V. show? - ProPanda

Says that the guy that watches cliché and formulaic shows.

9 They're always dumb and cheesy

Right... 'cause Teletubbies totally isn't cheesy.

Regular Show...? Seriously..? I thought you told me you liked Regular Show... - AlphaQ

This is getting ridiculous

@BoredJeff02, he knows... - ProPanda

10 They're always unfunny

Kind of like Liv and Maddie.

Some shows like original Teen Titans and Gargoyles aren't funny but great anyways, - 445956

Gravity falls,drake and josh and Icarly are hilarious also amazing world of gumball


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11 They're always unoriginal

Uncle Grandpa is not unoriginal. People think that everyone's uncle and grandpa, a slice of pizza that tries to be cool when he isn't, a boring, talking dinosaur, a talking fanny pack, and a giant realistic flying tiger isn't original. - 445956

Hmm says the guy that makes unoriginal lists.

You make unoriginal list :/

12 They always have dumb people
13 They are overrated
14 They always have unlikable characters

There are some greats like flash, gravity falls, daredevil, and all the goods

Yet again the crap you like has no likeable characters!

Ice King who's an idiot to Finn and Jake can be a bit likeable and funny sometimes... - AlphaQ

Yeah Liv and Maddie does! - Neonco31

15 They always have plot conveniences
16 They always have sad endings
17 They always have mean-spirited undertones

My ONLY exception is Teletubbies. Yet I bet you CAN find a mean-spirited undertone in it, even though I HAVEN'T! Just like how I haven't figured out why I'm EVEN ALIVE AT ALL! - Disney1994

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