Top Ten Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Has Gone Downhill


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1 Gumball and Darwin scream and cry too much

Yeah, even the characters in Rugrats cry less than them, and that really says something considering Rugrats is a show about infants and toddlers. Gumball and Darwin on the other hand are supposed to be 12 but they act like they're three.

I remember posting on a list for bad cartoon characters, and I wrote that I was shocked that I heard Gumball say 'I. WANT. SOME. ECSTASY'. Apparently, he didn't say ecstasy, he said ectoplasm. But that's off-topic. I think this is very true. Very. Very. VERY. VERY. VERY.

I don't think it's going downhill, I actually think it's going uphill!

Their screams are the bestπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2 They changed the rolls of Gumball and Darwin

It has more adventures to them, it makes it better

3 Gumball gets in too many temper tantrums

There is this one episode where Gumball was in a bad mood for no reason. Then he made a bad wish about wanting his family gone. And then they disappear. Then Gumball tries to cheer himself up by Playing, Watching T.V., Singing and making a meal. And all those plans fail. And then darkness makes him act like a coward, and then he finally found his family. That's the episode. - EpicJake

4 Not as funny

What about the screech scream from the episode the flakers

It seems like it's trying to be the next Ed Edd N Eddy, but it's failing miserably. Mainly because, it doesn't live up to shows like Ed Edd N Eddy, or Ren and Stimpy in my opinion.

5 Rip-Off of Spongebob and The Simpsons

Yes. I said that. Gumball and Darwin ripped off SpongeBob and Patrick. Also, Richard (Gumball's Dad) ripped off Homer Simpsons. - ChroniclerMan5

6 Anias is annoying

Who's that? Are you talking about ANAIS not Anias she is not character have you even seen the show? πŸ˜‘

7 It's weird

And that's what make this show better

The weirdness makes it more funny and interesting along with epic combined, there are millions against you AaronCoolness or should I say LoseronJerkness

In later seasons, that what makes the show worse. - AaronCoolness

8 They tried to make the show way too "epic" and "funny", taking away the show about a dysfunctional family that has an irregular-odd day to day.

Yes your exactly right

9 Everyone cries at the drop of a hat, not to mention they do it too often!!

It's like the entire cast of characters has the mentality of a toddler.

10 Gumball brags too much about Penny after they started dating

I liked it before they started dating

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11 Too many butt jokes
12 It ripped off Caillou
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