Top Ten Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Has Gone Downhill


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1 Gumball and Darwin scream and cry too much

Yeah, even the characters in Rugrats cry less than them, and that really says something considering Rugrats is a show about infants and toddlers. Gumball and Darwin on the other hand are supposed to be 12 but they act like they're three.

Their scream and cry like humans from one to four years in my country was their too much tirranie and chaos I must live with them and the rotten show over $4 months I hope it get cancelled in the next #3 years I WAS BULLIED ON BASE SCHOOL BECAUSE I DID WATCH THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL 16 china 17 north korea 18 india

I remember posting on a list for bad cartoon characters, and I wrote that I was shocked that I heard Gumball say 'I. WANT. SOME. ECSTASY'. Apparently, he didn't say ecstasy, he said ectoplasm. But that's off-topic. I think this is very true. Very. Very. VERY. VERY. VERY.

Their screams are the bestπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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2 They changed the rolls of Gumball and Darwin

It has more adventures to them, it makes it better

3 Gumball gets in too many temper tantrums

There is this one episode where Gumball was in a bad mood for no reason. Then he made a bad wish about wanting his family gone. And then they disappear. Then Gumball tries to cheer himself up by Playing, Watching T.V., Singing and making a meal. And all those plans fail. And then darkness makes him act like a coward, and then he finally found his family. That's the episode. - EpicJake

4 Not as funny

What about the screech scream from the episode the flakers

It seems like it's trying to be the next Ed Edd N Eddy, but it's failing miserably. Mainly because, it doesn't live up to shows like Ed Edd N Eddy, or Ren and Stimpy in my opinion.

5 Anias is annoying

I actually liked her more than every other character in that show - Gehenna

Who's that? Are you talking about ANAIS not Anias she is not character have you even seen the show? πŸ˜‘

6 Rip-Off of Spongebob and The Simpsons

Yes. I said that. Gumball and Darwin ripped off SpongeBob and Patrick. Also, Richard (Gumball's Dad) ripped off Homer Simpsons. - ChroniclerMan5

7 They tried to make the show way too "epic" and "funny", taking away the show about a dysfunctional family that has an irregular-odd day to day.

Yes your exactly right


8 Too many butt jokes
9 It's weird

And that's what make this show better

The weirdness makes it more funny and interesting along with epic combined, there are millions against you AaronCoolness or should I say LoseronJerkness

In later seasons, that what makes the show worse. - AaronCoolness

10 Everyone cries at the drop of a hat, not to mention they do it too often!!

It's like the entire cast of characters has the mentality of a toddler.

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11 Gumball brags too much about Penny after they started dating

I liked it before they started dating

12 It ripped off Caillou
13 Darwin blames Gumball for almost everything he gets himself into, and Gumball admits that it's his fault despite the fact that Gumball had nothing to do with it.
14 Anais is the only good and lovable character in the show
15 The characters never age
16 Richard is retarded
17 Nicole is a psychopath when pissed
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