Top Ten Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Is Better Than Clarence

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1 Better Plots

The plots of The Amazing World of Gumball are way better and funnier than the ones on Clarence. - cosmo

Clarence is so boring, Don't know how anyone could rate it higher than gumball. Gumball is CN's best show

Clarence Talks Like The Idiot it is,and Seriously,Clarence is Just Friends Doing Dares! Clarence is Even Worse Than Sarah! Gumball Had Plots! Good Plots,Happy Plots,Sad Plots,and The Rare and Awesome Anti-Climactic Plots!

2 Better Friends

I mean seriously,everyone in Clarence forces eachother to do what their scared of

3 Funnier Characters

All the characters in the amazing world of gumball are better than the characters on clarence. - nintendofan126

4 Jeff is a rip-off of Anais

Besides that, he's a cartoon copy of Steve from Minecraft

How Can Jeff Be A Rip-Off Of Anais If Their Genders Aren't Even The Same? Plus Their Personalies Are Different Too.

More like a ripoff of Steve from Minecraft, if you know whatI mean.

5 Better Adventures
6 Gumball is a funny, dumb character. Clarence is a dumb, not funny character

Gumball is smart in a stupid way and can go through situations many can relate to, and he is fun to watch.

7 Better Episodes
8 Clarence has gay messages

Okay, looks like the homophobic got here first. I see nothing wrong with this. If Americans can accept people of different races, nationalities, cultures, and religions, why can't you all accept that different people have different sexual preferences. Also, I thought this was America. "The land of the free and the home of the brave"? "All men are created equal"? Seriously America, grow the heck up! Perhaps you close minded homophobes should go re-read the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. - LostDream258

What is wrong with people of the same gender liking each other romantically? It's only a problem because Clarence makes it look bad.

Why the heck is being gay bad? It's ok to be gay

The opinion below me is very agreeable

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9 Less Gross

Clarance was hands down disgusting but with gumball it's a different story.

10 Clarence is boring

Sometimes It's Entertaining But Most Of The Time It's Boring.

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11 Gumball is way more adventures

Gumball always has a adventure every episode

12 Clarence is lame
13 They don't change voice actors
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