Top Ten Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Is Better Than Harvey Beaks

Harvey Beaks is nicks newest show and its eye torturing! But it will never live up to the amazing world of gumball.

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1 Harvey Beaks Is a Rip-Off of the Amazing World of Gumball

What's with The Amazing World of Gumball rip-offs?! There is literally about as much The Amazing World of Gumball ripoffs as there are poor man's versions of The Incredibles!

Seriously! Gumball and harvey look alike! I knew it was a rip-off when I first saw it. - nintendofan126

Really? Gumball or harvey cute which the characters are very cute and that's Science

I hope these Gumball haters get kicked out of this site forever! - TheMuslimMemer

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2 Harvey Beaks Relies On Potty Humor to Much

Harvey Beaks is very stupid and whoever created it should dump it. Harvey is socially awkward and is very hard to laugh at. Gumball really is funny and isn't as stupid as Harvey! Fee and Foo are very ugly and there pretty stupid overall. I hated the episode when Harvey was slapping his ass at this stupid looking komodo dragon guy.

I disagree with this. Because the first episode had potty humor. As episodes progressed, it became funny and funnier.

That's what makes it great - RyanMtheGamer

Lie:it dosen't - RyanMtheGamer

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3 The Amazing World of Gumball Is Actually Funny

I don't understand how anybody could hate this show? (but then again people have opions) - nintendofan126

TAWOG is at least entertaining to watch while Harvey Beaks... is atrocious to sit through.

No it's not you fool!


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4 The Amazing World of Gumball Knows How to Use Butt Jokes Correctly

Especially when Richard has something to do with it

Do I really need to explain? - nintendofan126

And yet people say butt jokes on other shows are terrible - RyanMtheGamer

Well that makes it gross

5 The Characters In the Amazing World of Gumball Are Far More Creative and Funny Compared to Harvey Beaks

Gumball, Darwin, and Richard beat all the character in harvey beaks. - nintendofan126

Only gumball himself beats everyone in Harvey beaks

All the background characters in The amazing world of Gumball are better than anything in harvey Beaks combined.The best are Nicole's Doubt from the game and Chris Morris the hamster - MrQuaz680

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6 Darwin Is Better Than Fo

Fo is a terrible excuse for a character! Darwin could easily beat him in anything. - nintendofan126

At least Darwin could control himself

Who's Fo? It's Foo - RyanMtheGamer

7 The Amazing World of Gumball Is Very Creative

Its one of the most creative shows I have ever seen. - nintendofan126

So realistic I've seen every episode of TAWOG I only saw 10 seconds of the Harvey Beak intro before I switched the channel

No it's idiotic

Harvey Beaks isn't ment to be this creative overload of a show. C.H Greenblatt, the show creator, explicitly said he wanted Harvey Beaks to have more heart than his previous show Chowder. If you watched Chowder, then you know it to be an amazing show with tons of creative elements.

All in all this is a stupid point because Harvey Beaks is not aiming for this amazing creative title.

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8 Harvey Beaks Is a Bad Show for Kids

Who would let their kids watch this crap show? - nintendofan126

Seriously Harvey stole a bike!

No it is good

9 Nickelodeon Thinks Kids Like It

Only the retard like it Nickelodeon. - MrQuaz680

Well, guess what? Hardly anybody likes it. - nintendofan126

When has Nickelodeon ever known what kids liked? However the loud house is still awesome not awesomer then Gumball but still awesome

No,they think kids like the loud house and PGBC - RyanMtheGamer

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10 The Plots In Harvey Beaks Are Really Stupid

The Plots In Breadwinners Are Much More Stupider.

The plots in this show aren't stupid! They got funny as episodes progressed. I also disagree with this!

Some plots in the show are really terrible

Harvey beaks' sister looks like a psycho!

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11 Harvey Beaks is a ripoff of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Okay now that's just crazy talk, how does Star Trek fit in with Gumball, or Harvey beaks

What are you talking about - RyanMtheGamer

I laughed too hard at this...

He's blue, and the Enterprise's hairdresser is blue. Fee and Foo are just a ripoff of Q. The thing on Kratz's forehead is just like the thing on Worf's forehead. Both shows feature a variety of non-human, but humanoid, characters. Star Trek has dilithium crystals, and Doctor Roberts uses healing crystals. Both shows are on television.

12 Harvey Beaks is a Ripoff of Clarence

We're talking about Gumball and Harvey beaks don't bring another show into this

That's so not true.harvey beaks is one of the networks best shows and clarence is just boring and unreasonable

Harvey is jeff, fo is sumo, and fee is clarence

13 Harvey Beaks is actually inappropriate

Yes, it is. It has potty humor, the word "butt" and spitting involved.

Otherwise, kid shows cannot have butt slapping in noodity! A.K.A, naked

14 Anais is Smarter Than All the Harvey Beaks Characters Combined

Well I don't really like Anais right now but whatever

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15 C.H. Greenblatt had no involvement with Gumball

I hate C. H. Greenblatt. Am I seriously the only one who hates Harvey Beaks and Chowder combined? I hate Harvey Beaks, not just because it's a rip-off of the Amazing World of Gumball, but also because it's created by the same guy who made Chowder.

16 Harvey Beaks is created by C. H. Greenblatt, the creator of Chowder

I don't understand how ANYONE would enjoy Chowder AT ALL! Chowder is why I LOATHE Harvey Beaks. Not just because it's a rip-off of the Amazing World of Gumball, BUT ALSO THE FACT THAT IT'S CREATED BY THE SAME GUY WHO MADE CHOWDER!

That's exactly why it's good - RyanMtheGamer

17 The Amazing World of Gumball Has Better Animation

The Animation in TAWOG is very creative!
The Animation n HB is boring! - ThugLifeSwag1995

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