Top 10 Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Is the Worst Show On CN

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1 It's Overrated

That moment when you don't have a reason about how bad this cartoon

Not If Retarded People Like You Keep Hating On It!

This list is totally stupid. How is something you like bad. Not only your opinion matters. Gumball is awesome

Retarded people disrespecting his opinion. It's a terrible ass show anyway.

2 Everybody Likes It

So You're Saying It's The Worst Show On Cartoon Network Because Everybody Likes It? You Really Are A Retard Did You Know That?

How is that a bad thing?

This is the second best show ever dude

Teen Titans Go is more of a sitcom than a superhero show.

3 Gumball Is a Cat and Darwin Is a Gold Fish

Why is that a PROBLEM? is there a reason why it's called Cartoon Network?!


It was meant to be one of those cartoons but turns out it would be horrible if it did but why would I care about a cat and a koi

This doesn't make sense at all. Having a Gold Fish as a brother from Gumball's family. Gumball is a cat so, he should eat Darwin

4 All Gumball and Darwin Do Is Argue With Each Other

Gumball and Darwin won't be quiet for arguing. They just argue over everything!

I Love Gumball,But These Two...THEY ALWAYS ARGUE!

5 It's All About Pain and Getting Hurt

Some episodes are like one of those "all cyanideous misery" stuff. Doesn't it get you ticked off?

Bad ending a lot and its just one of those life complaints.

No no no no no You're Wrong If You Keep Watching This Show You Call " Crap " You Will Find Out That It It's Much More Than Just About Somebody Getting Painfully Hurt.

Gumballs a bad show because the fails are all about getting the characters hurt! SpongeBob fails are much better!

6 Sometimes It Can Make You Cringe

A lie?! And it's such a stupid rip off of spongebob!

I honestly really hate the songs here on this show. They are all so cringy. Especially gumball and Darwin. They're like the male versions of Jojo Siwa

7 Bad Graphics

Really? I Don't See Anything Wrong With Them.

McGraves thought changing creaters whould make it better - RyanMtheGamer

8 It Looked Like a Baby Show

Wait so nowadays, like you said, babies are allowed to watch kids hurting themselves? And also, that's that Happy tree friends did, and if you've never seen THAT, you've not seen anything yet. - Qryzx

Maybe because its not for grown adults to watch, its for kids.

9 Too Much Romance

That is like, in every T.V. Show.. - 445956

10 Let’s review about why it sucks

With the exception of the first season, this show is absolute garbage. It encourages negativity, there's bullying, the characters are butt ugly, and no positive messages for kids whatsoever. This show doesn't deserve the praise it gets. Shows like this are one of the reasons I stopped watching CN years ago

Dear Lemon Lime,

stop copying random Phantomstrider reviews, make your own.

Lemon lime, shut up! is not dark! Is full of rainbows and is funny! ok, I understand is your opinion, but that does no mean you have to become a hater!

No other Cartoon Network show had so much hate, so much mean-spirited cruelty, so many horrible messages, they can only attempt him to graphic. This is the only time I felt that same pointlessly black-spirit cruel in a Cartoon Network show that I felt in Family Guy. Imagine a magical world, run by backstabbing, shallow cruel hotless people that actively bullying, punish, and physically assault the main character. Now to me, that sounds like a terrible idea for a Cartoon Network show. But to that, I seem to that brown-shapely pile of forming. They decided to make him getting his revenge at the rest of the world. Jeez, isn’t that just charming. I mean, look at this, the worst part is the main character disturb us! This show just does everything they can do will assault you! And on top of that, this show is just darn ugly! This was Studio Soi’s first attempt a CG show, and it is just hideous! As well as all the people looking wrong somehow. The colors are all these strange, dark ...more

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11 Everyone Acts So Dumb

Seriously, I hate everyone on the show. I don't like the episodes OR the songs.

Seriously, everyone just acts brainless and it’s irritating. Why is Darwin have so much love in his heart and takes things too literally?

12 They Use Too Many References from Animes

That's what makes it great

13 Gumball and Darwin Sometimes Act Like Jerks

When I Watched The Banana,I Wanted to Kill Gumball for Being So Stupid and Careless! When I Watched The Gripes...I Wanted to Taser Myself 50 Times and Kick Myself in The Shin!

14 The Show Only Focused on Gumball and Darwin

What about the spinn-off? the singing? They dosen't appear in these episodes!

Who gets to detention? Gumball and Darwin!
Who gets to make an emotional girl happy? Gumball and Darwin
Who often gets jealous by other people in Elmore? Gumball and Darwin
Who are the chosen ones? Gumball and Darwin

Those two are Gary Stus and the show doesn't give a chance to other characters who deserve attention.

What do you expect? They're the main characters! At least it's better than The Loud House where everything is about Lincoln (even in episodes that were supposed to be about someone else)!

15 The Show Focuses on a Jerk

Gumball Can Be a Jerk a lot.He is a Jerk to Banana Joe,He Was a Jerk in The Gripes, He is a Jerk to His Brother,He is a Jerk to Richard in The Hero(Even Makes Fun of Him),
He Spends More Time With Penny Than Darwin! Can't He Just Spend Just as Much Time With Both?!? Nope.Because He is a Jerk.Also,He is Mega Cringey in The Mystery, When He Frames Penny for What Happened...

16 It's a Wannabe Anime

If the creators wanted it to be an anime, they should have made it an anime!

Yeah next month, Hi Yuri KozuKata you’re GumBall’s twin sister and you want revenge on him for abandoning you in fatal flame made of fire while he was banging Penny next door.

17 It Copies Johnny Test
18 Stupid characters
19 Gumball is rude to everyone
20 Tobias is a sexist
21 Nicole is too violent
22 Gumball is an antihero
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