Top 10 Reasons Why the Amazing World of Gumball Is the Worst Show On CN


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1 It's Overrated

Not If Retarded People Like You Keep Hating On It!

Gumball is overrated like Steven Universe and Adventure Time. How did it get so overrated - bugger

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2 Everybody Likes It

So You're Saying It's The Worst Show On Cartoon Network Because Everybody Likes It? You Really Are A Retard Did You Know That?

Teen Titans Go is more of a sitcom than a superhero show.

Guys, stop liking this stupid show! Teen Titans Go is a lot better than this - bugger

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3 It's All About Pain and Getting Hurt

No no no no no You're Wrong If You Keep Watching This Show You Call " Crap " You Will Find Out That It It's Much More Than Just About Somebody Getting Painfully Hurt.

Gumballs a bad show because the fails are all about getting the characters hurt! SpongeBob fails are much better! - bugger

4 All Gumball and Darwin Do Is Argue With Each Other

Gumball and Darwin won't be quiet for arguing. They just argue over everything! - bugger

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5 Gumball Is a Cat and Darwin Is a Gold Fish

This doesn't make sense at all. Having a Gold Fish as a brother from Gumball's family. Gumball is a cat so, he should eat Darwin - bugger

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6 Bad Graphics

Really? I Don't See Anything Wrong With Them.

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7 Too Much Romance

That is like, in every T.V. Show.. - 445956

8 It Looked Like a Baby Show
9 Gumball and Darwin Sometimes Act Like Jerks

When I Watched The Banana,I Wanted to Kill Gumball for Being So Stupid and Careless! When I Watched The Gripes...I Wanted to Taser Myself 50 Times and Kick Myself in The Shin!

10 The Show Focuses on a Jerk V 1 Comment

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11 Sometimes it can make you cringe
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